Writers Block, and How I Found The Words Again

I haven't blogged in over a month. An entire month. I have seven drafts sitting in a folder. Posts that I started and just couldn't find the words to finish.

As a "writer", one of the most frustrating feelings is not being able to find the words to express yourself. I realized that my problem was that I was feeling uninspired and I didn't have a place to create. I couldn't write in my bed without falling asleep, and writing at work just isn't an option. Our dining room table makes me want to poke my eyeballs out, and lugging my computer to a coffee shop every time I'm feeling inspired just isn't very practical. So, this weekend I was determined to create my own space, one that was warm and inviting.

I present to you...my new little magical corner....
Our patio seems to be the spot where we throw everything we can't find a place for. I lugged all of the junk to the dumpster, and since I'm on a budget, I spent the rest of the weekend bargain hunting for the perfect pieces. Between Target, Home South and World Market I was able to put together the outdoor space you see here. 

I sat down tonight with a glass of wine, soaking up my new space and determined get a new post up on "Just Bri", and it worked.
My dream is to be sitting at a cafe in Paris drinking Café Crème and smoking a cigarette (a la Earnest Hemingway) while I write, but if you can't be in Paris, you can attempt to re-create it. Right?
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