Please, Choose to be Kind.

Saturday afternoon I had a mini-breakdown. I had just left a bridal shower for a girlfriend I went to college with and I was heading downtown to meet some co-workers. I was busy, and surrounded by people, but I was feeling more lonely than ever. I picked up the phone, called my mom, and just cried.
After 30 minutes of letting my emotions and frustrations pour out, I pulled myself together, re-did my makeup, and made it downtown with a smile on my face and a fresh coat of mascara. None of the people I was around that day would have ever guessed the loneliness that I was feeling.
I started to think about people, about the things that we hide, the things that we are ALL going through that others never see. It's easier to put a smile on your face and go on with your day, pretending that everything is okay, than it is to be vulnerable and let everyone in on your not-so-perfect life.
So here is where I ask you to please, be kind. At the end of the day all anyone wants is to feel loved and accepted.
The next time you start to comment about the "ugly clothes" that girl is wearing, stop and consider that she might not be able to afford new clothes. The next time you find yourself judging that guy from another country with the "funny accent", consider how hard he's worked to learn a new language.
The next time you find yourself calling that girl a "slut", stop and consider her background, the pain and disappointment that she's experienced, and that deep down inside she's just looking to be loved. The next time you start to call that person "fat", stop and consider the health issues they might be struggling with, or the self esteem problems they face daily.
We're all fighting a hard battle. Life is tough, and people can be cruel. The truth is that what you say about others speaks more about your character, than it does about theirs.
Don't ever be too busy to ask someone how their day is going, and really listen to them. Take a moment to glance up from your smart phone and offer that stranger a smile. You never know how much a person just needs to feel like someone cares about them.
The problem with blogging is that we have the ability to paint a perfect picture. We can add the pieces of our day that are pretty, and edit out the parts that aren't. Life isn't perfect though, and sometimes we need to be raw, and honest, and ugly.
So, the next time you start to judge someone, instead please, choose to be kind.


Alexa said...

I wish every single person in the world could read this post. Beautifully written and so very true! One of my favorite reminders has always been "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle." Painting on a smile can cover up so many painful things and I find myself having to remember daily that maybe the person who's going slow in the fast lane just learned about the death of a loved one and needs patience and love from a stranger, not for me to honk my horn and speed past. (Or maybe they're just having the happiest, most mellow day of their life and I could stand to learn a lesson or two from that, too!) Thank you for this post, friend. We've all had those days like you did Saturday and it just sucks. Sending smiles your way :)

BKCsquared said...

This is an amazing post!! I've definitely had those moments where I just start crying & don't even know why - but, I think it's because I've convinced myself that everything is perfect and great, until I realize it isn't.

Everyone we meet is fighting a battle - whether it's internal or external - & kindness is key! Thank you for this post :)

xo, B

Emskibeach said...

So true, I am as guulty as the next person of making comments and I have recently started thinking hold on how would you feel if someone said that about you! It's important to be kind - I find it's especially hard not to get drawn into gossip in the workplace and when with groups of friends, I am learning after many mistakes to learn from to just keep my mouth shut!
It's so much better to be kind :)

Leah said...

What a great post! Thank you for sharing these words because we all have those tendencies to judge others. I have been on the other side of things this week with people making comments to me that were unwelcomed, and it feels awful! So yes, be kind!
Thanks again for this post.

Haley said...

Unrelated... but I love your redesign! I just now clicked out of feedly and it sure does look sharp ;) Stay strong though, girl - loneliness is the worst but it happens to everyone!

Hill said...

You're so right! With blogging nobody wants to share the not so great parts of life; only the best moments. Sometimes I have the mentality of "if I don't blog about it, then it didn't happen" which is probably the worst thing for me because then I keep every bad thing bottled up inside. Sometimes crying to your mom really is the only way to feel better though.

Kate said...

Such a great post. I know I can be guilty of this at times which so horrible. Loneliness is the worst feeling and I've been there a multitude of times, you're definitely not alone. Keep your head up!!

Alyx said...

Amen. Sometimes it's hard for us to imagine that every single person we meet has their own story. Their own very long, very complex story, with a world full of different problems and struggles that THEY deal with on a daily basis. They're not just another face in the crowd - they're a person, just like you or me.

Jordan said...

I absolutely loved this post!

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