Marketing & Social Media Moments from Super Bowl XLVIII

If you've been reading "Just Bri" for a while then you know that I'm a bit of a sports junkie. Unfortunately, last night's Super Bowl was anything but exciting. After Bruno Mars killed it at halftime, I found myself switching back and forth between the game and a "Sex and The City" marathon on E!

What the sports marketer in me loved however, was what happened on TV during the commercial breaks and throughout the night on social media. I love watching brands get creative and capitalize on the marketing power that events like the Super Bowl or the Daytona 500 posses. Brands have learned that what they tweet can result to be just as valuable as the TV time they buy, providing great entertainment throughout a less-than-entertaining game. Below is a list of my favorite ad moments from the night.

1. Coca Cola "America the Beautiful"
I'm passionate about multicultural marketing, so naturally this Coca-Cola commercial was an instant favorite for me. I think the commercial did a great job at showing that we are all united, despite language and cultural differences, and that this melting pot is what makes the United States beautiful.

2. Cheerios "Gracie"
Just like the Coca-Cola ad, for someone like me who loves multicultural marketing and diversity, this Cheerios commercial was spot-on. I think it does a great job speaking to the changing demographics of our country.

3. JC Penney #TweetingWithMittens
Sometime during the first quarter, JC Penney released a hardly legible tweet filled with typos. Of course, the twitter world exploded, and most of us thought some careless intern was getting the ax come Monday morning.

Come to find out, those "drunk" tweets were a part of JC Penney's poor Super Bowl marketing stint. I am not a fan of the #TweetingWithMittens campaign, but I do love how Kia and Coors Light responded.
Lesson to all brands out there, if your tweet could pass for an interns drunken mistake, you might want to re-think your marketing plan.

4. Charmin
When you're a toilet paper brand you have to be able to laugh at a little bathroom humor. Their play on words with this "blowout" tweet in reference to the Broncos getting run over by the Seahawks made me laugh. Well played Charmin, well played.

5. Denver  Police Dept. vs Seattle Police Dept.
This twitter exchange didn't go viral like some others, but I thought it was great. The Seattle and Denver Police Departments exchanged jabs over twitter, adding a human element to their normally serious twitter accounts. It was cool to see these accounts taking on a lighter voice with their sense of humor.
What did you think about some of the planned and unplanned marketing that went on during the Super Bowl? What was your favorite?


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! So funny! I am not a twitter savant so I love reading posts like yours to catch up and laugh! I love the police depts! To be fair I guess JCPenney did get their name out there! I loved the Doritos Commercial. The guy who acted in it and made it is from my town!

Alex said...

Ahh these tweets are so funny! My favorite part of the night was seriously the tweets some of the comedians I follow were putting out, made up for a boring game!

Kristyn @ Carolina Fireflies said...

You picked two of my favorite commercials! Thank you for not reposting the Budweiser pup commercial like so many others. It was cute but it was old news by the time the superbowl rolled around. Love that you included some of the tweets too! Too funny!

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