Sometimes We Regress

By the time we reach our 20s we've learned plenty of lessons the hard way. We've made choices and we have a pretty good understanding of the things that will hurt us, bring us heartache, or just make life plain difficult.

Even though these lessons have helped us grow, sometimes we regress. You know those times when you're really feeling like an adult? Life is going well. Maybe you're getting a little bored with the mundane adult world, and you get distracted.

We start making choices, consciously deciding to do things that we KNOW, oh we know, will bring us heartache and make our life a little more difficult. We know because we've done it, we learned our lesson (or so we thought) the last time we made that decision, but we still go down that road.

We chose to see that guy who may or may not have a girlfriend, the one who wants us to believe that we're the exception and not the rule. We chose that glamorous job, the one that is more exciting, despite the instability and the smaller paychecks. We surround ourselves with the toxic friends, commit to more responsibility than we can take on, stay out a few hours too late and have one too many drinks. Knowing that it's harder to go back than it was to get here.
So what do we do?
We hold it in all in. We carry the guilt of our choices around until the weight of it all is about to break us, and then we call the person who knows us best, the one we can be honest with. The person we let see the worst side of ourselves, because we know that even through their disappointment, they won't judge us. They listen. The comfort and cry with us, and tell us the truth even though it stings.
We start to think about the decisions we're making, and begin to be smarter about them. We apply the knowledge we have and the lessons we've learned.
We begin again.
Little by little we add up our "good decision karma". We keep making the right choices until we're back to breaking even. Until the weight of the bad decisions no longer pulls us down. Until we're back on track again.
and we thank God. We thank him for new days and for grace, for forgiveness and for new beginnings.
For sunsets to take away the bad days and our bad decisions with it, and for sunrises to welcome in the fresh starts and a clean slate.
and we breathe.
So friends, here's to not carrying the weight of your bad decisions. Here's to grace, and forgiveness, and new beginnings. Here's to another sunset, another sunrise, and a love that knows no end.


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

love love love this!

Laura | Our Life in the Queen City said...

you're wise beyond your years, girl! this is beautifully written! xo

Kate said...

love love love this, and so what I needed to hear/read today. So, thank you. Grateful to have been following your blog. Keep the advice coming! XO

Mel's Mom said...

this is such an excellent post! Very uplifting and full of truth. We have ALL been there but the beauty is that we can turn it around.

Brianne Bracco said...

Ummm...All I have to say is thank you for this epic post to take with me for the weekend. JUST what I needed to read after a long week. Thank you :)

Shannon Kerns said...

There's so much truth here. Thank you.

Miss Amy said...

great post! I have always, always, always known when I'm choosing a road which is not in my best interest. I feel it in the back of my mind and the pit of my stomach. I choose that unfortunate road much less often now that I'm a *little* older than my 20's... but I don't know if we every truly learn. Sigh.... I'll keep trying though! ;)

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