Rodan + Fields Review

My fast approaching quarter of a century birthday has me freaking out, it's like I want to make sure I'm not missing out on something I'm supposed to do before I turn 25. My latest freak-out came after reading this article where the author talks about things she wishes she would have done for her skin in her 20s. She mentions the importance of vitamin packed serums, retinol for anti-aging, and SPF, all of which I don't use. "Great" I though, "I've already wasted five of those years, I better catch-up during the last five".
Ironically, the day after I read that article I received a message from Sara, an independent Rodan+Fields consultant. She said she had been reading my blog for a while and noticed I posted a lot about beauty products, but never spoke about my skin care routine. The truth is, I've never given my skin care routine much thought. I'm one of those girls who buys whatever looks interesting and uses it until it runs out before purchasing the next random find. I've learned however, that the secret to all those beauty products working their best, is having a great foundation to put them on and that starts with great skin, and a good skin care routine.
She sent me samples of the following three products...
ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste - Polishes skin with a sugar-and-salt scrub featuring vitamins C and E.
REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum - Each peptide and antioxidant-rich capsule helps lips retain natural moisturizing factors, visibly smoothes lip texture and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles.
REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum - Visibly reduces the appearance of aging with a potent blend of peptides and retinol.
It's like Sara came to the rescue after my freak-out, and showed me where I could find some amazing products to start good skin care habits. I loved how soft the micro-dermabrasion paste left my face, and both the serums went on smooth and left my skin feeling renewed the next morning.
I'm anxious to try more R+F products. I have oily skin and have been looking for a good oil-free moisturizer, so I'm going to order the UNBLEMISH Oil Control Lotion which also has SPF 20, so important in preventing wrinkles! Since it's part of the UNBLEMISH line it should help with the occasional stress related acne I get too. I'm also ordering the Night Renewing Serum which I love love loved!
If you've heard about R+F but want to learn more, definitely contact Sara. She's such a sweetheart, and can help you understand the different products and which ones might work best for your skin. Plus Sara is a girl after my own heart, her hubby drives race cars, so she's got that perfect mix of "girly, but can hang with the guys" thing going on!


thenerdykatie said...

At least you aren't like me and didn't wake up 30 and realize you need to start doing something!

Karrine Beasley said...

ohhh how convenient that they contacted you just at the right time! Do you happen to know where these products are available?

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