I'll Take One Of Each

So I was browsing the internet last night, not searching for anything in particular, when I came across a few pretty fantastic finds. I was hesitant at first, and debated whether or not I should share these treasures with y'all, but decided to push those selfish thoughts aside and let you in on what I found.
How great are these totes? You'd never guess that they're from Target and under $40! The size is perfect to use as a travel or work bag, and the colors match any outfit. I've also been in search of a good pair of neutral colored flats to wear to work, and these Sperry's are just perfect. I always thought of clunky boat shoes when I thought of Sperry's, who knew they also make some pretty stylish flats?
I'd love one of each of these, although I'm not sure that my budget would agree...
You can shop for these awesome goodies using the links below, and I apologize in advance for any damage this might do to your wallet.

In-Between Seasons

So fall officially started on Sunday, and I couldn't be more excited to welcome my favorite season of the year. The weather feels a bit crisper, and the leaves are starting to show a hint of orange, but there are moments in the day when it still feels like summer. It's like we're in-between seasons, struggling to let go of summer, and hesitant to fully welcome in the fall. That's what this outfit reminded me of.

The bright pink and gold hues in the skirt remind me of the sunny days of summer, but the chambray button down brings in that hint of fall. Pair them together and you have the perfect outfit for those in-between season days where you're not sure if it's going to feel more like summer that day or more like fall.
Skirt Express, Shoes Aldo, Shirt Banana Republic (similar here), necklace (similar here)

Happy Birthday Nina!

This crazy doggie of mine turned two on Monday, and I didn't forget this year like I did last year. She got a big birthday hug and a doggie cookie with sprinkles, which is a pretty rockin' birthday if I do say so myself!

I remember how worried I was when my parents first gave Nina to me. I was now responsible for a life other than my own, and I was worried about how I was going to keep up with that kind of commitment.

Two years later though here we are, and I can't imagine my life without her. Happy Birthday Nina! I wish you many many more!

Little Moments

I'm back in Charlotte today after a whirlwind two days in Chicago for work and a weekend in Houston for the Texas A&M vs Alabama game. Because I live so far away from my family, I make it a priority to soak up every minute I have when I'm home, it's important to stop and appreciate those little moments if not the visit goes by way too fast. I'm the queen of napping, but joke with my mom when I'm home and tell her we don't have any allotted time to take naps when my visit only consists of three days.
My mama and I lounged by the pool on Friday and caught up on all the gossip we miss living far away from each other. We soaked up some sun and ate sweet potato fries like they were going out of style, it was exactly the kind of day that I needed.
I had a date with a cute boy I went to high school with on Friday night...
Saturday I woke up early to head to College Station for the Texas A&M vs Alabama game. I've been going to Aggie games with my granddad ever since I can remember, and it's where I've made some of my favorite memories with him. These moments have created a special bond between the two of us that I don't share with anyone else.
A trip to Houston isn't complete without visiting with my siblings, so Sunday I had brunch with my two older brothers and SIL's before heading to the airport. We ate at the Down House in the Heights, and if you're looking for a cool brunch spot in Houston I highly recommend it. I didn't try them but apparently their chicken and waffles are fantastic.
How cute is my "nephew" Gus?
I might return exhausted, but there will be plenty of time to catch up on sleep later. What did you all do this weekend?

Life's About Balance

Life to me is all about finding balance. Working hard, but not missing out on the moments that make life special. Eating healthy, but allowing yourself to indulge every now and then. Loving all things girly, but being able to watch the football game and know what's going on. It's all about balance.
That's why I love this outfit. The lace detailing and bow on the back of the dress are ultra-feminine, and the booties scream "rugged". When paired together they create the perfect balance between glam and girl next door.
Dress: Tesori Boutique, Shoes: Forever21 (similar here) Necklace: Dogeared

Food Truck Friday in South End

If you're in the Charlotte-area you need to make it a point to stop by Historic South End before the weather gets colder for one of their Food Truck Friday's. Every Friday during the warmer months (I'm not sure of the exact timeframe) local Charlotte food truck's gather at Camden and Park Avenue, and it's the perfect spot to grab dinner.
The trucks serve food ranging from Thai, to southern cooking and everything in between so there's bound to be something you like. You can bring your pets with you, grab some beer from The Common Market next door, prop up some folding chars and enjoy the Carolina weather.
I was craving The Tin Kitchen last night, my favorite food truck in Charlotte, so I convinced Stephie that we should head that way for one of the last Food Truck Friday's of the season.
I had the Pork Belly Tacos and she had the Chicken Tinga Tacos, and we both got their mango salsa as side! The Pork Belly Tacos were good, but I had gone down there wanting their BBQ Beef Brisket Tacos and wish I would have stuck with those instead. Next time.
The King of Pops was on-site as well. I love their creative popsicle flavors like Arnold Palmer, Blackberry Mojito, and Cucumber Watermelon, but we chose to go old school and enjoy some soft serve with sprinkles instead.
If you're in Charlotte on a Friday night, Food Truck Friday is the way to go! What have y'all been up to this weekend?

I'm Celebrating 25 in Europe

If you've been reading Just Bri for a while then you've probably noticed that I've had a bit of wanderlust lately. I've been looking for opportunities to just pack up and go, and I've been itching to explore the world. My best friend Margaret and I were doing a bit of daydreaming over the weekend, and started planning a European escape for sometime in the spring. Now daydreaming, talking, and planning is one thing, but actually doing it? Well that's another.
When I opened my email Tuesday morning the first thing I saw was a Groupon for an eight day European vacation. I sent it to Margaret in a semi-serious semi-dreaming mindset, and immediately got a response saying "Let's do it!"
So what did we do? We just booked an eight day trip to London, Paris, and Rome. We leave in March and the best part is that I get to celebrate my 25th birthday in Paris. What better way to celebrate a quarter of a century than with your best friend in Paris!
We'll spend two days in London, two days in Paris, and two days in Rome. I'm a bit nervous because the only thing our trip covers is airfare and hotels, so it's going to be up to us to create some sort of itinerary for the days we're there.
I can't wait to explore these three cities that I've never been to but I've always wanted to visit, and the fact that I get to do it with my best friend is just the icing on the cake!
This is where I need YOUR help. If you've been to London, Paris, or Rome, please send me all of your travel tips! Do you have any advice for traveling through Europe? Anything we should stay away from or anything that might make our trip a bit easier? Send them my way, it would be  much appreciated!
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