Psalm 37:4

I've heard this verse so many times before, but I never understood the meaning until recently.
I've always read it and thought "If I'm a faithful Christian, and do good, then God will give me everything I want, he will help me create the life I imagine."
The problem with thinking this way though, is that I was skipping over the most important part of the message, TAKE DELIGHT IN THE LORD.
The first part, living a life centered around God, is key. The second part, God providing the desires of our heart, is just the icing on the cake. Let me explain why. When we delight in the Lord and put him at the center of our lives, the desires of our hearts change. We're no longer driven by the things of this world like wealth, power, fame, or material things. Instead, the desire of our heart is to live for the kingdom of God, to do the things that please him, and live a life that reflects his grace and great love for us.
I've been growing in my faith a lot lately, and the biggest shift that my new relationship with Christ has created has been my change of heart. The things I used to desire aren't the same things I want anymore. I've slowly started to see God bring things to my life that I never knew I desired, and I've started to let go of things I used to want so badly.
I love this verse even more now, and I'm a testimony of its truth. When you live a life centered around Christ, the desires of your heart will be His, and he will faithful to these desires.
What are you placing at the center of your life? and do you think the things you desire for your life are the same things that God would want for you? It's so interesting how much your perspective begins to change when you begin to think about these two questions.


Arielle said...

love this post so much. needed this!

Kasey Lynne said...

Such a great verse and a great daily reminder as well.

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