My Photog Adventures

I don't know everything about blogging, nor will I ever claim to be an expert, but I have learned something in my years of following and reading other blogs. The thing I've learned is this...most successful blogs have fantastic pictures. Yes, you need to have good writing, but what really brings a blog to life for me are the pictures. The two blogs that come to mind when I think of great blogs with fantastic pictures are Jenni and Kelle.
A while back I decided that I wanted to be one of those blogs with beautiful pictures, so I made it my mission to become a self taught photog (or somewhat of one). When a Charlotte blog friend of mine, Alexa, mentioned she was selling her DSLR I jumped on the opportunity.
Spending the money on the camera was the motivation I needed to start learning. I've taken it with me almost everywhere, and thanks to working in PR I've had plenty of opportunities to practice. Here are some of my favorite shots...
I've been teaching myself through YouTube videos and online tutorials, just trying to pick up new things as I go through trial and error. So please, any and all camera and photography tips and tricks you can send my way would be greatly appreciated!
xoxo BRI

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Eesh said...

You're doing a great job for someone "just starting out". I'd say play with settings and don't always conform to the norm. Sometimes I twist my photos to add "character" and now when people see them, they're like "oh! That's Eesh's work."

Your job sounds like a dream!


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