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Picture this recently started seeing someone new, you've been on a few dates and things seem to be going pretty well. Then, you go out for a night on the town and being the hot mess of an individual that you are, you end up drinking one too many. You show the "not so perfect" side of yourself a little too soon, and you're afraid that you've scared this new guy away.
So what do you do? You spend the entire next day replaying the night in your head, asking all your girlfriends for their advice and for them to help you figure out your next move. That's the problem though, they're girls, and most of the time their advice is going to be exactly what you want to hear.
Don't you wish in times like these that you had a guys opinion? Honest feedback straight from a dude, from someone who's been there and has a pretty good idea of what this other guy is thinking?
Well, fret no more, because I've decided to bring in an expert! He's one of my best friends, and has always given me solid advice and insight, direct from the eyes of the opposite sex. He's charming, witty, and smooth with the ladies, plus he has a fantastic sense of fashion, and beautiful hair.
He's decided to volunteer his services, and he's here to answer any questions that you have. He won't sugar coat it or tell you what you want to hear, but I promise we'll all be better for it. Meet the resident expert (R.E.)...
Q: I drank a little bit too much and said some things I regret. I think I ruined things with a new guy I've been seeing. What should I do?
R.E: What's that quote? "Sober thoughts are drunken confessions"? Anyway, No. 1- get your life together. If you were so drunk you lost your mind, you need to put the Cosmo down. No. 2- Apologize like a proper lady and move on. If he accepts you'll know that he cares about you. If he doesn't, you know it wasn't meant to be. Dudes put up with a lot for the right girl, if you're right for him, it'll work out.

Q: He tells me he doesn't want a girlfriend, but he still treats me like one. Does he like me?
R.E: Actions speak louder than words.. Always judge the relationship by the actions. Words are nice fillers, but today, it's too easy to just fake it. You can't fake actions. Example: He says he doesn't want a relationship, but blows you up all day on the phone and wants sleep overs. He can deny it all he wants, but in reality, that's called a relationship. The actions prove he wants to spend time with you and wants you in his life.

xoxo BRI


Brittany said...

Good idea!

Laura | Our Life in the Queen City said...

this is awesome, bri! can't wait to see the next post on this!

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