A Case of Nostalgia

I've been trying my hardest to stay off Facebook for the past few weeks for fear of getting my heart broken. You see, in the collegiate world there's this thing going on, it's called sorority recruitment, and seeing all the pictures makes me wonder how four years went by so quickly.
Fall '07
It's a week that as college students we loved to hate, but looking back I've realized I made some of the best memories during rush. We spent hours rehearsing songs and chants, painting banners, and perfecting the art of convincing a batch of new pledges that your house was better than all the rest.
Fall '08
We spent way too many hours with each other, wore heels that were way too high, and yelled so many chants that at times you'd think you were at cheerleading camp.
Fall '08
But then you'd wrap up a week of hardly any sleep with bid day, which is a sorority girls equivalent to Christmas morning.
Fall '09 
You'd throw on your matching t-shirts (because sorority girls don't have enough t-shirts), and welcome 50 new bright eyed girls into your home. 
Fall '10
So, you can see why looking at all the recruitment updates online would give me a case of nostalgia. Those were some of the best weeks of my college career.
Fall '10
If you're going through recruitment right now, enjoy each moment, because it flies by!


Brianna Tucker said...

GIrl I feel you. I almost feel like I need to deactivate just like I had to in college to keep from crying :(

Meredith said...

now i am sad. fall 07 love!

Charlotte Hayes said...

I'm going through the same thing! I just graduated in May and everyone younger is headed back to school now. Ahh I just want one more year! (Or 4...haha) PS - just found your blog AND I LOVE IT! Following now :)

<3, Charlotte

Helene in Between said...

this is so great! I love the pics. and you are right- we never have enough tees!! i still have all of mine, just can't seem to throw them away!

Jessica said...

I didn't know you were a Chi O! I am too!!!! I'm starting to see pics from Spirit Week from my chapter and its definitely bringing back memories. One day I hope to make a quilt from my Chi O shirts.

Laura Darling said...

I wasn't in a sorority, but I am SO jealous of all of the facebook posts about returning to school! And I know when Penn State football season starts next week it will be even worse! How did those years go by so fast?!

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