When Did I Grow Up?

I logged on to Facebook yesterday to see that another girl I went to school with just got engaged. My initial reaction when talking to my best friend about it was "Wow, I can't believe they're engaged already!" but that's when Margaret had to snap me out of the college days and remind me that we're already 24, and that they have been dating for about six years now.
and that's when it hit me..."When did we grow up?!"

With social media it's so easy to judge your own life based on everyone else's. A lot of the girls I went to school with are married already, and some even have kids or are expecting kids soon. I judge their life to the vast contrast of my own, and many times wonder how I'm in such a different place as them. Some days I think to myself "Crap, I'm already 24!" and other days I have to stop and remind myself "hey, I'm only 24!".

If I'm honest with myself though, I'm not ready to turn the page on this chapter of my life. So what if I'm living like a college student with my best friend and our dogs? Sure, those other girls are getting to flaunt pretty rings, plan weddings, decorate new houses, and prepare for babies. I know that eventually I'll get to do those things too, but for now, I want to soak up every minute of this phase I'm in.

It's easy to look at those girls and wonder what I'm doing wrong, but the truth is, I love the place I'm at right now. I want to take full advantage of the fact that I can make decisions and be a little bit selfish about them. I have responsibility, but not too much, and I have the freedom to explore and experience new things without anything or anyone holding me back.

So, if you're like me and tend to compare your life to others, stop. Take the time to enjoy this chapter. Once you turn the page you can't go back, and while the next part of your story will be exciting, it will never be the same as it is right now.
xoxo BRI
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