The Charlotte Social June Meet-Up

I'm sure the concept of having a blogger meet-up sounds odd to people, especially people who don't blog, but getting to know other bloggers in real life has been one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging for me.
Last night was the second Charlotte Social blogger meet-up and I'm proud to say it was a huge success. Eleven Charlotte-area bloggers got together and we talked about everything from blog conferences (thank you Tamara for all the great insight) to who our blog crushes are (Jenni and Raven are two of my favorites!).

We had the meet-up at NoDa Brewing Co. where I tried their NoDajito for the first time. My only complaint about this lime and mint infused beer is that I wish I was laying by the pool drinking it. It was so good, and so refreshing for summer! The TIN Kitchen had their food truck there, so I had their BBQ Beef Brisket Tacos for dinner. These are my absolute favorite tacos in Charlotte, and that's saying a lot coming from a Texas girl!
The meet-up was so fun, and I have to tell you that if you weren't there, you missed out! Of course, we missed you too though, so hopefully if you're a Charlotte-area blogger you can make it to our July meet-up!
xoxo BRI

Petite Problems?

If you're petite like me, you know that dreaded feeling of going jean shopping and leaving the mall empty handed. You search for hours, only to find that every pair you try on is either way too long or way too short, and makes your hips look really wide and your legs look like stumps.

Well fret no more. After years of suffering through these dreaded "petite problems", I've found four pairs of "must have" jeans for every awesome-sized girl like me. With price points ranging from $20 to $200, there's something for every budget, and every lifestyle.
The "must have" jeans, if you're petite

Lucky Brand (Cate Stacked Skinny) - $119. My favorite thing about Lucky Brand jeans is how comfortable they are. They are super soft and the more you wear them, the better they fit (in my opinion). The length of the petite sizes is just right, so I don't mind spending a little more money on them because it's money I won't have to spend getting them hemmed.

Paige (Skyline Boot) - $169. Although it's the most expensive pair on the list, I highly recommend this jean. The boot cut style and length of the inseam makes your legs look long and lean. It's perfect to dress up because unlike many petite sized jeans, it's not too short when you pair it with heels.

Madewell (Rail Straight Jeans) - $80. These are my favorite go-to jeans, and I think the price can't be beat for the great quality they are. I bought them a few years ago and they still look brand new despite wearing them at least once a week. They're the perfect length to pair with flats.

Old Navy (The Diva Skinny Jeans) - $22. I love these jeans because the skinny fit allows you to dress them up or down. They sell for a really affordable price, and come in a variety of shades. My only warning is that the color can rub off on things, like your hands, so wash them in really cold water!

So, there you have it, the jeans every petite girl needs in her closet. Who's ready to do some shopping?

xoxo BRI
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