Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

It's only day three of the Blog Every Day in May challenge, and it's already getting tough. Today's topic was things that make us uncomfortable. Steph, my roomie, has a list of things that make her cringe, but I had a hard time coming up with any. I think my ability to handle uncomfortable situations like a champ is due to my incredibly awesome, but super awkward family.

It all started in middle school when my mom and dad picked me up from the "hottest guy" in school's house, and my dad showed up wearing a leopard cowboy hat (same one he's wearing below)! Back in those days I ran from anything that made me the least bit different, so I was mortified. I will forever be grateful for that day though because he taught me that life's a whole lot more fun when you're not worried about being anyone but yourself.
I love my parents, and even the awkward uncomfortable situations they put me through!
True story, when I was in high school my dad would answer the door in his boxers when dates would come pick me up! So you can imagine there aren't many situations that make me uncomfortable. My little brother is just as unafraid to be himself, and he makes most situations a little more fun.
The thing I've learned is that most people are a lot less concerned with what you're doing than you think, so why choose to be anything but yourself. Next time you're in an uncomfortable situation, the best thing to do is just smile and go with it!
xoxo BRI


Beth said...

This topic made me laugh! Haha your dad can rock that cowboy hat hahaha oh fathers.... That is a great lesson you learned that day though.

I forgot how I stumbled on your blog but I have to stay I am so glad I did! Your blog is super cute :)

Heather K. said...

Hah! Parents are hilarious. My dad once showed up to my cheerleading practice wearing a purple muscle shirt he'd bought in the 70s when that was cool. I was so embarrassed, but all the football guys (coming in from football practice... aka 50 shades of red face on me) were like "dang, your dad is scary..."

I didn't understand then, but my dad's a pretty broad shouldered man.

Taylor said...

Hahah that's funny...I love your reaction, "eww!"
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Deidre said...

I feel a little bit like this as well. My dad has tools hanging off his belt at all times: vice grips, pieces of rope, pocket knives, magnifying glasses. and it used to embarrass me, but then i figured, eh - why bother.

Eesh said...

That was hilarious! And I would so rock your dad's leopard cowboy hat! Dad has swag! hehe


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