The Daytona 500

I've spent this past week recovering from a whirlwind trip down to Daytona for the Daytona 500. A friend of mine had two guests going down for the race, but he had a last minute emergency so I told him I'd go down to make sure they had a great Daytona 500 experience!
I spent the day with Karen and Len, they both work in USA Track and Field and were thrilled to go behind the scenes of a different kind of racing.
 They got to sign the start/finish line (which I think was a great idea on the tracks part), and rode around in the pace car!
 It was a great weekend, and I was able to spend some time catching up with old co-workers and friends. I even ran into some of the guys from the Drive for Diversity Crew Member Program, they make me look small!
I can't believe another race season is here, and I can't believe it's already March 1st! It's my birthday month, and I'm slightly panicking at the thought of turning 24...


Brianna Tucker said...

Sounds like fun. Is this where that big crash was?

SH said...

That looks awesome!!

The Hartungs Blog

Miss Amy said...

24 is a great age! :) cute pictures!

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