I'm sure we'd be bff's

You know those times when you're browsing the blog world and you stumble across a blog and think to yourself "she and I would totally be best friends in real life!". Well, that happened to me a few months ago when I found Kait's blog, Gridiron Lipstick...
See what I mean? We're two peas in a pod...
We're slightly obsessed with our dogs, and think that taking selfies in the car with them is totally normal...
and we both love football, and work in communications. She might be making a name for herself at a football field, and I might be at a race track, but I bet we could talk sports with the best of 'em.
So, miss Kait and I exchanged some emails way back in October and instantly bonded over all these things we had in common. I wanted to feature her on my blog (because that's what you do when you're excited about meeting a fabulous blogger) but I dropped the ball big time, and am just now getting around to it. Sorry Kait!
If you're looking for a blogger who is sweet and honest I suggest you hop on over and say hello!

so you're 25(ish) and single?

First things first. Do y'all remember "The Cheater" from this post?
Well, apparently  he didn't think the nickname I gave him appropriately described the situation. He's kindly asked me to change his pseudonym to "The Womanizer" or "The Player". So there you have it, you womanizer you, get on with your bad self.
Anyway, last night Steph (my roomie) and I were watching The Bachelor when one of the girls went into hysterics after being sent home. She was going on and on about never finding a husband and ending up alone, a bit melodramatic if you ask me. That's when Steph and I realized that homegirl was OUR AGE, which we believe is still pretty young.
Clearly girlfriend didn't realize all the perks that come with being 25(ish) and single. So, in honor of all my single ladies out there, we've decided to compile a list of all the reasons why it rocks to be 25(ish) and single...
+You're allowed to be selfish, about anything and everything (also known as, "I do what I want" syndrome = IDWIWS).
+You get the entire bed to yourself (and the puppies of course) every night. No fighting over the covers, or listening to snoring.
+You're free to stare at and flirt with as many guys as you want. On that same note, you can go on all the dates (good or bad) that you want!
+Not in the mood to be charming? No worries. You don't have to shave your legs or ditch the granny panties if you don't feel like it.
+Going to happy hour, having a drink (or five), and being home by 8pm is totally acceptable. No matter what day of the week it is. Blame it on the IDWIWS.
+Dinner time means you're free to cook/not cook, go out/stay in, wash dishes, or not wash dishes, as you please.
+You can pin as many "wedding ideas" on Pinterest as you want. Lucky for you, it's another milestone you still get to look forward to.
+Want a change of scenery? You can pack up, move, change jobs or cities without thinking twice. You're not tied down yet.
So, while we obviously don't want to be single forever, it's not so bad right now. Enjoy it, because we sure are, and have a drink (or three) for us!
Photobucketand Steph!
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the best Christmas surprise ever

Last week the Charlotte news warned everyone about a "severe winter storm" that was supposed to hit, the schools even delayed their Friday start time in preparation for the dangerous conditions. So what did I do? I Made sure to stock up on enough wine to get me through the blizzard, but rain fell and fell and I never saw one single snow flake! I woke up Friday morning to beautiful, sunny, 50 degree weather, thankful to have survived the winter mess.

Anyway, the cold weather and threats of snowflakes inspired one (hopefully) last Christmas post of the winter season. The story of my favorite Christmas present, ever.
Meet Nina...
I've wanted a dog of my own forever, which is no exaggeration, I wasn't one of those kids who grew up with a dog and always envied the kids that did. As soon as I was living on my own I started "threatening" my parents with buying a dog, but they kept begging me to wait. Looking back now I realize I could have bought a dog, but it never felt right without their support.

Well, last Christmas they must have realized I was serious, and decided to intervene and make sure I got the right dog. They surprised me when I went home to visit, with Nina, the best Christmas present ever!
Y'all, I love this dog. She's been the best buddy, companion, and friend. I use her as a shoulder to cry on when I'm sad, and she's been there through my move from Daytona, to Houston, and now in Charlotte. 
She's the perfect napping partner, and study buddy, and loves me unconditionally. She's brought so much joy to my life, and I really will never be able to thank my parents enough for such an awesome present.
What's been the best present you've ever received?


a Smoky Mountain Christmas

I've been struggling to write this post, because no matter what words I use, I can't seem to describe how special this family tradition is to me.
Every four years, my ENTIRE family (aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, second cousins, etc.) spends Christmas in Gatlinburg, TN. It's a tradition that my family has had ever since my mom was young, and it's brought about some of my favorite holiday memories.
This year happened to be a Gatlinburg Christmas, and it's safe to say that it was my favorite one yet. Maybe because I'm older and can appreciate all the hard work and love that goes into coordinating all of it?
My grandma "Mrs. Clause" is the leader of the pack. She makes sure everyone knows the schedule for the week, and assigns everyone jobs (no, I'm not even joking). My job this year was T-Shirt's (because no family reunion is complete without matching shirts), and Christmas Eve dinner (with the rest of my fam).
We play the role of "secret angel" for the week to another family member and make them feel extra special. We have a talent show, frosty frenzy gift exchange (where the competitive nature in all of us comes out), trips to DollyWood and The Pancake Pantry, delicious homemade meals, and spend plenty of time just catching up with those relatives we don't get to see so often.
Honestly, I think our crazy traditions could be a Holiday special on TLC, because we go all out. First of all, we rent a cabin and all stay under one roof, this year there were 32 of us! That many people paired with the occasional cabin fever can lead to some interesting events, like my aunt leg wrestling, my great uncle shooting back Jack Daniels, or my uncle and cousin dressing up as cheerleaders. Planning meals for that many people is a whole other story, but we managed to survive.
I had so much fun this year, and cried my eyes out when I had to leave everyone. I'm already counting down the days until Gatlinburg 2016, and look forward to all the memories we'll create.
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some updates for the new year

Hey y'all! Yikes, I've been gone for a while, but I'm back with some new and exciting changes! Did y'all notice the facelift my lil blog got? I have the fabulous Mrs. Aubrey Kinch to thank, just love it.

Along with the facelift are some new additions...
First, I've started to accept sponsors, and this month you can receive half-off any size sponsorship if you use the code "halfoff". I'm excited to work with some amazing bloggers, to help grow your little space of the web.

Second, is the update I'm most excited about. It's no secret that I love Charlotte, so I've decided to share my favorite city with you! I'll be highlighting local Charlotte spots in the Charlotte Scene section of my blog.

Thanks for your patience, and for sticking around! I hope the first of the year is going great for y'all! Here's to an amazing 2013!
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