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Hi loves, and Happy Friday!

I figured I'd throw a shameless "selfie" picture in there because honestly, I don't have much for y'all today.

Just a few thoughts for you to ponder over the weekend...

*What is wrong with girls lately?! - I swear I feel like every time I login to Facebook someone else has just gotten engaged.

This is great, only problem is, I feel like a lot of them are just settling because they feel pressure. You SHOULD NOT feel like you have to be married by a certain age, and shouldn't settle for someone who doesn't treat you right because of it.

If he's not "the one", be like T Swift and tell him "we're never ever ever, getting back together"

*What is wrong with all of us lately?! - It's sad but I feel like people are having a harder time "disconnecting" lately. There's nothing that bothers me more than going to dinner with someone and watching them text the whole time. I think it's something we could all be better about. Enjoying the company of those we're with, and not those on the other end of the phone.

*I've been blessed with the best Sister-in-laws in the world - I only have one single-brother left and his future wife has some serious competition. Here's an example of the awesome relationship I have with my SIL's --->

*Looking for some new bloggers to follow this weekend?! - check out some of my favorite gals lately...
-Alyx, Jessica, Carly, Whitney.
(They didn't pay me, I just love them that much, so you know know I'm being sincere. Check 'em out!)

I hope y'all enjoy your weekend!
I'm going to watch my Texas Aggies play in their first SEC game tomorrow!

p.s. Hey Em, if you're done with Jef, I'd be glad to take him! --->



Carly said...

Hahahaaaaa those texts are awesome!


rinniez said...

Oh yay new blogs to check out :)
As for the disconnect thing - soooo annoying, especially if you are in a group and EVERYONE is on their phone!

bailey j said...

Totally with you on the marriage thing. I'm all for marriage but I'm only 21 and have had way too many friends who got engaged (some before we graduated) and most are no longer engaged or even dating that guy. Actually..some are dating girls now. You need to figure your shit out before you go getting engaged is the moral of THAT story lol.

I definitely have to work on keeping off my phone. Being in a LDR sort of keeps me attacahed to my phone but I do need to appreciate my company while Im with them cause it totally bothers me when others do it! thanks for the reminder :)

Alyx said...

Ahhh! You're too nice, Bri!! Thanks for the shout-out!! And amen about the marriage thing. If I hadn't known that Mike was the one, I wouldn't have married him, even if he'd asked. It's just not worth wondering what might have been, or facing a divorce a few years later. I've watched so many people our age get divorces after only a few years after getting married.

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend, Bri!

Kristen Danielle said...

Amen to everything you said in this post! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

haha loved this post. and I agree with the engagement thing ... it's either that or they're getting pregnant. I am no where near any of that.

Alex Butts said...

EMILY CHEATED ON JEF WITH 1 F?!!! So upset with her. These are the tidbits I miss not living in the US.

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