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Hi ya'll!  I'm Miranda!  Don't be fooled by the ya'll, I'm from Wisconsin.  I just think ya'll is a great time saver.

First I'd like to thank Bri for having me!  I think this a great idea and can't wait to read all the other guest bloggers stories.  Anyways,  here is my long distance lovin'  story. (I always imagine the Law & Order guy saying this followed by the *dun-dun*)
This is my husband Guss & I on our wedding day.  July 22, 2006.
        Six months into being newlyweds?   Here I was.  Studying abroad.
Good ol Germany.
I thought I would share some tips on how to survive (or how my husband and I did) a long distance relationship  for a semester abroad. (or if you are apart for just a few months)

- The biggest thing I would prepare for?  The phone bill.  
I didn't really do any research...all I knew was that my phone worked in Germany.  
The first month I was gone?  $400 cell phone bill.  Uh oh.

Thankfully we could text, email, and I could use my host mom's phone and pay her.  It was definitely a lot cheaper.  I would recommend adjusting your phone plan whether the distance is 1 hour away or 10 hours away.  (Of course international is going to be much more expensive.)

- Also to prepare I set up a little folder to give my husband.  I had reminders, my information, important phone numbers, schedule for my TV shows (if you know me, I'm addicted).  I even made a little calender that showed when I was having classes, and where I was going on weekend school trips.  I think it was nice for him to at least have a good idea of what I was doing. 
share things:
I'm talking letters, postcards, pictures, or just random things.  My husband even wrote me a letter to read when I got on the plane to Germany.  It made me feel so much better since I was traveling alone.
My husband sent me letters, a DVD of him and our dog playing, fun socks, magazines, shows he had taped for me.  I can't tell you how exciting it was to get to my host moms and see a package or letter.  It truly brightens your day.
I normally do not show addresses but both addresses are no longer occupied so it's all good.
try and visit:
I know this one is a little tricky.  My husband and my family actually came to visit me halfway through the time I was there. It was nice to have the time of not seeing each other broken up.

 Downsides:  You only have a short time so you attempt to cram so many things in.  Plus being the only one who spoke German was quite stressful for me.  But it's worth it, even it is a short while.

And Finally-

anticipate adjustments:
My husband and I went from being very dependent on each other to having this new independence.  I was on my own schedule, I didn't have to worry about getting home to someone, doing my laundry (host mom insisted on doing it) and not doing any household cleaning.

Coming home I had to adjust like it was our first time living together.  It took about a week before I felt normal again (and the jet lag finally went away).  Again it was difficult and there was a little fighting between my husband and I but we made it.  We celebrated 6 years of marriage last month!

Well I hope these tips helped...and if not, hopefully it was at least interesting to read.  :)  Good Luck to those of you in long distance relationships or will be. Thanks for reading and thanks again to Bri for having me!

-Miranda @ Aimless Translation


Robin said...

Great advice! My boyfriend and I have only seen each other on the weekends for 2 YEARS so I know how it is trying to cram everything in on a visit! Luckily after awhile we started just spending our time together doing nothing but hanging out. It is definitely a huge adjustment!

Alexandra Anne said...

I'm about to move 800 miles away, so I definitely appreciate these tips! (My parents are also long distance right now, as Dad is serving in Afghanistan currently).
Ya'll are cute!

Brianna said...

I love your long distance series. My husband just got back from deployment, and now he's back out on his submarine for another 2 weeks. The deployment was 6 months. We see each other about 1/2 the year. I love seeing how different couples survive the distance. Each is unique.

Brittany said...

Those are all great ideas!! thank for sharing them. I am planning on studying abroad this spring and am so nervous about not seeing my bf for 3 months.

Monica said...

Just want to say I am a big fan of these long distance loving posts. My bf and I have been together for 6 years and I just moved overseas to teach for an unspecified amount of time. Its been 2 months but we are working through it and I love hearing how other people were able to make it work!

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