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Hello, friends of Bri! My name is Bailey, and I blog over at Let Birds Fly.

As you know, Bri is in a dedicated long-distance relationship right now. And man, do I feel for her. I've actually been in 3. But only one of them worked, and was a healthy relationship, at that.

As of right now, I am married to an awesome guy, Mark, and have been for a little over 3 years now. Awww. Yeah, we're cute.
Told ya. :)

Anyway. Mark and I dated for about 9 months before he popped the question. A little quick, I know, but we had been friends for 2 years prior to dating. So it's okay. :)

He asked me to marry him on June 19, 2008, about a month after I finished college, and a month after I had accepted an internship at a hospital in Hawaii that was to start at the end of July. Yes, Hawaii. And we were in Texas at the time. I would return to Texas at the beginning of January.

That's SIX months. SIX months of being apart. WHILE engaged.


I remember the last day I saw Mark before I left for Hawaii. It seriously felt like something was ending. I was genuinely scared for our relationship. Not that it wouldn't work, but just that it would be such a challenge.

While in Hawaii, I had a hard time balancing my weird life. I was newly engaged and wanted to talk to my fiance every moment. I worked 40-50 hours a week. I wanted to see and experience everything Oahu had to offer.

Everything was easily attained except the talking to my fiance every moment bit. Kinda hard with the 5 hour time difference, the working full-time, and exploring the island. :)

It was terribly hard at first. Not getting to be with Mark, yes, but also just missing him. But by the grace of God, Mark and I developed a system, and I stayed busy so I didn't get lonely. It totally worked!

I read books about marriage on the bus to work every day. I e-mailed Mark during my lunch breaks. I called him when I was done with work. I worked out every day after work. I called Mark on the way home from the gym. I wrote him more e-mails. I called him before bed. We skyped at least once a week. I prayed for him and us constantly. And on the weekends, I did my touristy stuff.

It seriously worked. Staying busy and developing a system. And knowing that at some point, we would see each other.

And in October, he flew to Hawaii to visit me for a short 5 days. He came to work with me on one of the days, and I took a day off. I was overjoyed to see him and to show him the island. We packed in everything we could, and just had fun together. We didn't really talk about sad stuff or how short his visit was. We just loved each other and had fun. It was awesome.
But then I dropped him off at the airport. I think that was one of the saddest moments of my life. He just stood there waving while I drove off. It was heartbreaking.

After that, we started a countdown. "Only 64 more days until we see each other!" we would say on the phone. I loved seeing those numbers drop.

When my internship ended, I had about 4 days until I was to fly back home. Those days went by so slowly. I remember being on the beach listening to my iPod, and the song "Home" by Michael Buble came on. I started crying. On the beach. By myself. Fun, huh?

That song, which is about being in amazing places but it not mattering because your love isn't there, wrecked me for those 4 days. (Oh, Michael Buble.)

When I got back home, my mom and Mark were there to pick me up. Poor Mom. I'm pretty sure I ignored her the whole time. Haha! :)

I learned a lot about my long-distance experience. It was so hard, but I wouldn't change a thing. I was able to grow as an individual, but still be in a loving relationship. Because of those 6 months, I learned to feel strong, confident, capable, and worthy of marrying such a great guy.

If I was to give any advice to other girls in long-distance relationships, I would give the following:
  • Stay busy. You will grow as an individual, and that will, in turn, help your relationship to grow.
  • Develop a system with your significant other. Be aware of when are good times to call/talk, so that you don't get worried if you can't speak with him or not.
  • Communicate in any way possible. E-mail, skype, and the phone are all good things.
  • Pray for your significant other. That simple gesture will comfort you.
  • Start a countdown. Is he visiting you in 3 weeks? Start saying, "Only 21 days!" Seeing those numbers drop is so exciting.
  • When you DO visit each other, HAVE FUN! Don't take time out to argue, "have a talk", talk about the future, etc. You can do that on the phone! Don't do that in the few hours you have with each other! 
  • Don't regret or be bitter about your time apart. It WILL make you grow. As individuals, and as a couple.
I'm living proof that a long-distance relationship can work.

When I got back from Hawaii, Mark and I planned our wedding in 3 months. And then we got married on March 28, 2009. Yay!
We still love each other to pieces, and still have adventures and hardships that help us grow, even if those hardships aren't long-distance relationships.

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Behold the Metatron said...

Congrats to making it work!


Kasey said...

new follower here :):) love your blog! please come check out my blog some time :D

Alyx said...

Bri, this has been such a good series!!

jas said...

such a cute post!


Suz said...

Aw I love this! My boyfriend and I have done long distance for a while. He plays minor league baseball and is usually at his game until Midnight his time...which could be 3am my time. It's so hard to figure out how to talk and feel connected...but you're right-getting in a routine definitely helps!

Nicole Marie said...

i absolutely understand about seeing cool things but not feeling all that happy. Thats how i felt in Barcelona (even though i didn't have a SO waiting for me in california) i just didn't feel like any of it mattered not being able to share it with loved ones

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