Life Lately

You know those times in your life when you feel settled? Happy. Calm. Content.
My life lately has felt like that.
I'm getting involved in some exciting things at work, and I've gotten to spend tons of time with my family. There's nothing quite like a home-cooked meal, and catching up with your parents.

No, every day is not perfect, but I feel like I'm in a really good place.
I find myself stopping throughout the day to give thanks for all the things I've been blessed with.

Now here's the tricky part. The more settled I feel, the more scared I get at the thought of taking chances, making changes. Does this make sense?

I'm restless, and goal oriented, and always pursuing "what's next." I'm scared that any change in the "routine", or chance taken, will disrupt my calm, my contentment.

It makes me wonder if this fear is the same fear that causes people to quit being adventurous. 
Because that's what life's all about right? Living.
Food for thought.
1) Iced coffee with iced coffee cubes
2) Add a little color to your life! I saw "Fuchsia Fever" on Brie's blog and had to get it
3) New Chloe + Isabel business cards
4) A nice night in Houston for a convertible ride with the parents


Jennifer Leible said...

So I'm jealous. My life is anything but settled right now! I can hardly relax!
When things got settled for me when I lived in St. Louis I up'd and moved us to be careful! :)

Brianna said...

Of course you are more scared to take risks now that things are feeling happy and settled. But there are two ways to look at this:
1. Why bother to change things RIGHT NOW if things are good? I'm all for progress, but sometimes it's good to have roots and remain in a routine for a while. It's good for the soul.
2. Take other kinds of risks that won't affect your quality of life as is -- go on a fun vacation, start a new hobby, etc. But if life is feeling STAGNANT, then get out there and change it up, sister!

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