Right Now

Right now, my mom, sisters-in-law, and I, all live within a 15 mile radius of each other.

Right now, there are no babies, nieces, nephews, or grandkids.

Right now we can celebrate life, our health, our family, our friendships, and each other.

So that is exactly what we've decided to do, at our newly created monthly "girls night".
Tomorrow, jobs may change, babies could come, and we could all be living in different parts of the world.

So right now, we're going to enjoy this time we have together.

On a side note...

Who else thinks that The Bachelorette's Emily and Jef are the cutest couple ever? I do!
Pics taken via twitter

1 comment :

Myra said...

Love how cute your family is!! Seriously.

And Jef & Emily are cute. Even though I skipped every episode this season until the final rose, I think they make a good couple :)

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