Hi there!
I've got a special surprise for you today!
Michelle over at The Vintage Apple, is hosting an awesome Chloe+Isabel giveaway!
Go check it out. She's super sweet, and one of my favorite bloggers (and a fellow Texan)!

I've Got A Case Of The Mondays

Really, I just cringe at the sound of my alarm clock going off on Monday mornings. I spent the weekend in Charlotte (again) and it was so fun, but traveling, coming back on Sunday night, and waking up for work  on Monday kills me.
I caught up with friends, soaked up some sunshine, laughed a lot, and celebrated a good friend of ours birthday.
I'm thoroughly enjoying, and appreciating the "great moments". It's what life is all about right?
Also, be sure to check out my friend Michelle's blog, The Vintage Apple for a surprise soon!

What They've Taught Me

I was thinking last night about people. I realized that Iironically, our relationships with others, help us grow as individuals.

The lessons we learn and the experiences we have with others, help mold and shape us into the individuals we are. Our relationships help define who we become and what we believe.

I would not be the same "Bri" if it wasn't for the people who surround me. They've taught me...
My brothers are the kind of guys you look at and think "they're way cooler than me". I've learned from them that the only way to be "cool" is to be yourself. Your own, unique, interesting, person.
My dad has taught me to take chances. Sometimes it turns out great, and others, not so great.He's taught me that there will always be options, and you'll always regret not trying.
My little brother, he'll never take "no" for an answer. He's inspired me to believe that no goal is unachievable, and to always continue chasing my dreams.
There are a lot of things I wish I would have known during my first job out of college. One of these is the value of working a little harder, which Ale my co-worker taught me. She was always willing to go that extra mile, making sure she had gone over every detail, and people always noticed this.
You'll never see my granddad without a smile on his face, and I think it's because he truly enjoys life. I've learned from him to live life fully, and enjoy the time we have. He does the things that make him happy.

The most important lesson of all, I've learned from my mama. You'll very rarely see her stressed or upset, and I think it's because of her unwavering faith. She's taught me to trust, and believe, that everything will work out as it should.
I've learned a lot from others, and will continue learning and growing with each new relationship and experience.

Right Now

Right now, my mom, sisters-in-law, and I, all live within a 15 mile radius of each other.

Right now, there are no babies, nieces, nephews, or grandkids.

Right now we can celebrate life, our health, our family, our friendships, and each other.

So that is exactly what we've decided to do, at our newly created monthly "girls night".
Tomorrow, jobs may change, babies could come, and we could all be living in different parts of the world.

So right now, we're going to enjoy this time we have together.

On a side note...

Who else thinks that The Bachelorette's Emily and Jef are the cutest couple ever? I do!
Pics taken via twitter

Friday Favorites

Linking up for another round of Friday Favorite with one of my favorite bloggers, The Bargain Blonde. I love this linkup because it's led me to some awesome finds from other bloggers!
I wore these Chloe + Isabel pom pom earrings to work earlier this week and got so many compliments! I love them. Find 'em here.

After a long day at work there is nothing that beats coming home to a pup that loves you unconditionally. Those have been some of my favorite moments of the week thus far.
I'm a coffee addict so when I saw this idea on Pinterest I was thrilled! 
You freeze coffee in ice trays and then put the cubes in milk, creamer, whatever you want, to make iced coffee. That way it won't get watery!
When I'm mad it's sometimes the last thing I want to hear, but I know in my heart of hearts that it's true. "Every little thing is going to be alright" so just breathe.
What are you loving this Friday?

Looking For Guest Bloggers...

As some of you may or may not know, I'm currently in a long distance relationship with this guy...
(there's a slight chance he'll kill me for posting this picture, but I just couldn't resist)
He's living in Charlotte, NC and I'm living in Houston, TX. That's roughly 1,037 miles apart according to MapQuest.
We've been doing the long distance thing for about 6 months now, and I have to tell y'all...I love the guy, if not I don't know if I could make it work.

We're both where we are because of our careers, and I know one day it'll all be worth it. Although, there have been some times when I've just wanted to pack it all up and move to be where he is.

I do think that if we can get through this, we'll be able to get through whatever challenges life throws our way later on. This relationship has taught me A LOT.

This is where you come in...I'm looking for a few bloggers to do a guest post in August for a series on "long distance lovin".
You can be in a current long distance relationship, or have gone through one. All I want is for you to share your advice, tips, and tricks.

Email me at if you're interested in doing a guest post and I can tell you more about it, or send the info to any bloggy friends you know that might be interested.

I'm looking forward to it and think it'll be a fun series!

Texas, It's A Different World...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Boat Bash 5 was a HUGE success.

Everyone had a great time and we got through the weekend with no drama and no trips to the E.R. That's saying a lot considering 35 people were involved in this trip.

Austin was amazing, the rain held off, and I got to spend some quality time with my older brothers, my sisters-in-law (I think that's the plural version), and my best friend!
Something else happened this weekend though that was really funny, and not-so-expected. I found myself having to"explain" Texas to my best friend.

You see, growing up in Texas, there are things that you just know. Things that are as natural to you as breathing, but to outsiders, well, they're just plain weird.

First. Our food.

Her first lesson came when we decided to get BBQ for lunch on Friday at an awesome Austin spot. I naturally ordered the chopped beef and waited for Margaret to order, but when I looked at her she had the most confused look ever on her face.

"Where is the pulled pork???" She asked

In Carolina, BBQ means pulled pork, in Texas, you're eating beef brisket.

She also learned that breakfast taquitos are the best weekend food. You can put whatever you want inside of them, but I'm a fan of "egg, potato, and cheese"

Pic Via
Then, our music.

On the way to the lake she learned that there are A LOT of songs about Texas. All My Exes Live in Texas, God Blessed Texas, and Amarillo Sky, just to name a fewand if you're a good Texan you know them all, and sing along proudly. 

I also explained to her that Eli Young Band is originally from Texas, and will always be a Texas Country band, no matter how mainstream they get.

and lastly, our beer.

The first drink we bought Margaret was a Lone Star, The National Beer of Texas, you know?! and we may or may not have busted out singing "Lone Star beer in my cereal is keepin' me alive" - Pat Green

I don't think she ordered a different kind of beer the entire weekend. She'd fit in great here!
I'd say that Texas welcomed her with open arms, and she got to experience the uniqueness (and awesomeness) of our state.

If you're ever in Texas, I'd be more than happy to be your tour guide!

We're "Boat Bashin'" It

My oldest brother throws a party on the lake in Austin every summer called "Boat Bash"

Boat Bash 5 is this weekend, and I'm so excited because it's the first one I'm able to go to. I'm even more pumped because my best friend from Charlotte flew all the way to Texas for it!

So as you read this we're (hopefully) floating on the lake having a grand 'ole time! 
Seriously, a boat, the lake, Austin, family, friends, food...what else does a girl need?

I'll leave you with some "blooper" pictures of Margaret and I. Hopefully I'll have more to add to the gallery after this weekend!

What are y'all up to this weekend?

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Lindsey again for another round of "Friday Favorites"!

I'm obsessed with this Chloe + Isabel necklace. It matches with everything and you can dress it up or down, find it here.

This SUPER CUTE swimsuit, from here. Unfortunately it's sold out, maybe we can find something similar?!
I think that Essie's "Tart Deco" is the perfect summer color. I'm loving it.
and this great reminder...because I am NOT the most patient of people...
Aside from the fact that it's Friday, what are you loving today?

If You Really Knew Me...

I saw this post on Michelle's blog and thought it was such a cute I thought that I'd copy her today.

If you really knew me...
+You'd know that I have an awesome dad, and three amazing brothers. You'd also know that he's my step-dad, and they're two step-brothers, but I'd never in a million years consider them "step" anything. They're REAL to me.

+You'd know that I'm a homebody. I'd much rather have dinner and watch a movie at home than go out to a club.

+You'd know that I love to read. Books, magazines, blogs, you name it!

+You'd know that I can't talk sports with the best of 'em. I'm a college football fanatic.

+You'd know that my heart is happiest when I'm surrounded by trees, it's a big reason why I love the Carolinas.

+You'd know that I can read, write, and speak Spanish fluently, and I grew up in Mexico City.

+You'd know that I'm actually super conservative, in my values and the way I act.

+You'd know that I have a huge amount of faith, and have been saved by his grace.

+You'd know that I'm a dreamer, and love to feel like I'm making a difference, and accomplishing something.

What about you? What's something that only those closest to you would know?


An Age Old Question (at my house at least)

Ok everyone, I've got a serious question, and need your thoughts.

This is something that my parents and I have argued about discussed, probably since I first started going on dates, way back in the day. 
It came up again at dinner last night, so we thought it'd be a good idea to get y'alls opinion on the very serious matter. 
Here it is...

When you go out to eat with your "significant other", do you sit across from each other, like this...
(this is a picture of my granddad and I, but you get the point)

Or do you sit next to each other, like this...
(so, this is a picture of my oldest brother and sister-in-law, and they actually make sitting next to each other look cute, but again, you get the point)
Did I mention he's an awesome photographer?

My parents and I have differing opinions on the matter. 
I've always given them a hard time because I personally think it's so awkward to go out to eat, and sit on the same side of the booth/table together. 
What are you supposed to look at the whole time?

What do you think? Same side, or opposite sides?
Also, you know when you're reading through blogs and you stumble across a post that just makes you go "wow!"? 
Well, that happened to me twice last night, with the following posts...

One is about our time, and how we're spending it, find it here.
and the other
is about relationships with the opposite sex, find it here.

I loved them so much I just had to share!

My Influenster Summer VoxBox Has Arrived

I always see people blogging about programs like Birchbox, where you sign up and receive samples of products to try. Although the concept seemed cool, it never seemed like the samples people were receiving where worthwhile, especially for a program where you had to pay for the products and you never know what you were going to get. 

That all changed when I heard about influenster. It's a program where they send you samples (not monthly) based on your interests. You are then asked to review them and provide feedback. The cool thing about it is that all the samples that I've seen people get are actually products that I would use.

This month I received my first VoxBox and I can't wait to try the products out and let y'all know what I think. The box this month included the following...
1. Clear scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy
2. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color
3. Tampax and Always Radiant Collection
4. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30
5. Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut Bread
6. Sally Hansen Nails and Cuticles Hand Creme

What do you think? Do you sign up for programs like this?


I Hope Ya'll Had A Relaxing Weekend...

...because I sure did.

I got back from Charlotte tonight, and was so glad to see my parents, and my Niniis but, I'm at such a weird place in my life right now. I love being in Charlotte and miss Tyler the second I leave, but it always feels good to come home and get a big hug from my mom and dad. I'm torn.

We spent some time this weekend soaking up the sun, and enjoying the lake. I love being on the lake around dusk, how much more peaceful can it get?
We floated around, drank some beer, grilled hotdogs, and played good 'ole country music. All of this made for a combination of things that was good for the soul.
I love water, and sunsets, and my boy, and that was just what I needed to get ready for another work week.
I've learned a lot about myself, but I've mostly learned that I'm happy just "being". Having no real plans except making sure I'm "living in the moment" makes me a happy girl.

What are you happiest doing?
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