My Dad

I've been staring at the screen forever trying to think of what I wanted to say in this post. I realized though, that a lot of words aren't needed to describe my dad, he's just awesome.

I've realized through the years that God places people in our life at exactly the right time. He knows the voids that need to be filled, and puts the perfect people there to help.
Dave has been the best dad a girl could ask for. He's patient, and kind, and filled with compassion. He's taught me so much about life and growing up, and he's always been there to "help" or as he likes to say "just talk about it".

I know Dave knows how much he means to us, even though we might not say it enough. So THANK YOU Dave, for being an awesome dad! I Love you!

We spent the entire weekend celebrating the awesome dad's in our family. From backyard games and BBQ on Saturday, to Church, brunch, and a day filled with golf today. It was a great weekend.

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Alyx said...

Sounds like a good way to celebrate Father's Day, and it looks like you have some amazing dads in your life!

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