Attitude of Gratitude

I woke up this morning in a really good mood. Nothing has changed since yesterday, except the way in which I'm choosing to see things, and it has made all the difference.

I've always been extremely grateful, and mindful of the many blessings in my life. But I tend to focus on the "what's next", which sometimes causes me to miss the great things happening right now.

Yesterday I decided that there are some things I can't control, and despite my best efforts to move on to what's next, everything will happen at the right time (see mom, I'm learning).
I'm changing my attitude to one of gratitude. Remembering to be grateful for the things happening right now, and not focusing so much on the things I can't control. Some of the things I'm grateful for today...
 That I'm living close to my family. Making it easy to enjoy dinners and late nights sitting around the table talking.
For a boyfriend who's willing to travel hundreds of miles to see me. Who despite the distance, is committed to making the relationship work.
For the two most supportive parents in the world. Always pushing me to never give up on my dreams, and encouraging me to make decisions that make me the happiest.
What are you thankful for today?


Daisy said...

Thanks for the reminder! There is always something to be thankful for :)

Emily said...

You are so right!!! This is a great post, girl.

Alyx said...

Aww, I love that you and the bf are doing so well! What a great attitude to have! :)

Alivia said...

Love this list. Currently I'm so very thankful for good music (obsessed with Blind Pilot right now) and a man that takes amazing care of me.

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