Thursday Thoughts (On A Friday)

Linking up with Sar from Life of Love for Thursday Thoughts. I know it's Friday, but I figured it's never too late!
I realized, when I posted about heading to Michigan earlier this week, that I hadn't really explained what my new job entails. Basically, I work for a flight team that performs at air shows across the country. Here's a little view into what my week in Michigan has looked like.
We're in Battle Creek, which a pretty small town. What's a girl to do with time on her hands in a small town? Shop at Target of course! I found two really cute pairs of shoes!
I needed a little pick-me-up so I tried this RedBull Total Zero. I don't recommend it, it's DISGUSTING! It tastes like they dumped a pound of sugar into one tiny can.
Wishing you all a happy friday! It's my favorite day of the week you know?

Battle Creek Bound

I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to leave, it's delayed. Today I'm headed to Battle Creek, Michigan for my third air show of the season with my new job.
I've never been to Michigan before but I've heard it's beautiful, and I'm excited to get out of this "hot as heck" Houston heat.

Have any of y'all been to Battle Creek? Have any "must-do's" while I'm there?

They Won!

I couldn't go to sleep tonight without telling y'all what a proud girlfriend I am. 
Tyler totally deserves me bragging on him a little.

After five years of chasing his dreams, he finally got his first win today in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, pitting for the No. 30 car. I'm so excited for him and the entire team, they worked so hard!
Pic: via
The only thing that could have made today better, is if I could have been in Charlotte to celebrate with him and the guys after they got back.

I love you Tyler, and I'm so proud of you for working so hard, and chasing after your dreams. It's the first win of many!

Friday Favorites

This Friday it's all about the things I'm loving at the moment.
I'm loving the ladies from the new Bravo TV show, Miss Advised. I've only seen one episode but IT. IS. AWESOME. It's all about the love lives of three experts on just that, love, and makes you realize that even the experts have dating drama.
I stumbled across the Chloe and Isabel site the other day and fell in love with their Jewelry. My favorite color for the summer is coral, so of course, I'm all about this coral necklace. Find it here.
Found it on Pinterest and now I want to make one of these. How cute would it be to add color to your cube at the office or your house? It's a calendar made out of paint samples and a picture frame. Love it!
I had never used a BB cream before, but I am loving this one by Too Faced. It's done wonders for my face. It's helped clear it up A LOT, and its been great to use instead of a full foundation in this summer heat. 
I would HIGHLY recommend it. It gives enough coverage to wear alone or with a little powder.
How true is this? What are you passionate about?

Happy Friday y'all! I cannot wait for the weekend. 
What are some of your favorite things this Friday?

Our Family's Glue

I don't know if my mom realizes this yet, but she's become the glue that holds our family together. I love to give her a hard time because of all the get-togethers she's been "putting together" lately, but really, she's helped us all bond in a way only she could make happen.

The thing she's become an expert at is celebrating life and each other. 
Our family is pretty big, but she's made sure that we are each celebrated for our accomplishments, and on our special days. She wants us to know just how much we are loved, and how important we are to the family.
Last night we had a joint birthday celebration for my Aunt Evie and my Sister-in-Law, Michele.
I have to say, my mama has turned into a real Martha Stewart because the setup for the party was just right.

She had a few candles and balloons scattered around, and the meal wasn't over the top, comfort food and pink birthday cake! We also made a red wine spritzer that I found on the Carolina Charm blog, it was a hit, you can get the recipe here.*

It was the perfect celebration, and a great occasion to get our family together.

Thank you for all the comments on my sorority post yesterday. I by no means meant for it to be a post to make girls who hadn't been in a sorority feel bad. I totally understand that there are reasons for joining, and for not joining. I had friends who were both involved in greek life, and who weren't. I simply wanted to share what an awesome experience it was for me, and to encourage other girls to at least explore the option. 
Plus, I've loved all the comments I received from other women who were in sororities and are now a part of the blogging community! So cool!

Looking Beyond The Sorority Stereotypes

When I left Texas to go to school in Charlotte I only knew ONE person. I was slightly intimidated to be traveling so far away from home, barely knowing anyone. 
I made an important decision my first year, which I feel totally impacted my college experience, I signed up for sorority recruitment. I quickly realized that it was one of the best decisions I would make during my college years.

I've heard all the things people say about sorority girls, and today I wanted to share my experience with y'all, and why being in a sorority is so different than the stereotypes.
I know what people see on the outside.
The bid days, and dress up parties, the girls walking around proudly displaying their letters on campus, and yes with Chi O I got to do all of that, but I also got so much more.

I instantly had a home away from home at UNCC.
I never had to worry about eating a meal alone, because there was always someone willing to grab lunch or dinner with me. I was exposed to girls from all over the country, pursuing all kinds of majors, and it helped to make my big campus, feel a little more welcoming.

The most important thing was the feeling of family that Chi O brought me. Girls would let me go home with them during long weekends, when it wasn't quite long enough to make a trip back to Houston.
I had girls there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, or a study buddy to go to the library with. 

I was surrounded by talented, loving, strong women, and they motivated me to become the person I am today. We pushed each other to live up to a higher standard, to make good grades, and good decisions.  
My two best friends are my sorority "big" and "little" sisters. We all three come from different parts of the country, and probably would have never met if it wasn't for Chi O. 

I love these girls and we've managed to keep our friendship strong even after graduation. I share a special bond with them that I'll never have with other girls.
They feel more like sisters, rather than friends.

I would encourage any girl, especially an out of state student, to go through rush. Every chapter is different and you're bound to find a group you fit in with perfectly. 
The Carolina's became my home, and Chi Omega, my family. 

Where Do You Want To Go?

There's something about the summer that makes me wish I could just take off and explore the world. Wouldn't it be awesome if we still got summer breaks like we did when we were young? Better yet, if we had an infinite amount of money to travel the world with. 
Where would you choose to go?
I've been fortunate in my life to be able to travel and see some amazing places, but there are still some countries/cities that I am dying to see! 
My travel wish list consists of the following...

{1} Italy - I want to explore the vatican and ride a gondola through the Venetian waterways.
{2} Greece - I've heard that the Greeks don't begin their nights until 10pm, I think I'd fit in just fine. Plus, all the mediterranean food you can eat?! Yes please!
{3) Chile - My trips through Latin America have been amazing, I love the food and the culture, and I have no doubt that Chile would be the same. I would love to vacation through the Chilean vineyards.
{4} England (London in particular) - I'd have to take my mom as a tour guide on this trip, she went to school there! I'd love to see Buckingham Palace, and enjoy afternoon tea!

Until then...I'll just keep daydreaming!

My Dad

I've been staring at the screen forever trying to think of what I wanted to say in this post. I realized though, that a lot of words aren't needed to describe my dad, he's just awesome.

I've realized through the years that God places people in our life at exactly the right time. He knows the voids that need to be filled, and puts the perfect people there to help.
Dave has been the best dad a girl could ask for. He's patient, and kind, and filled with compassion. He's taught me so much about life and growing up, and he's always been there to "help" or as he likes to say "just talk about it".

I know Dave knows how much he means to us, even though we might not say it enough. So THANK YOU Dave, for being an awesome dad! I Love you!

We spent the entire weekend celebrating the awesome dad's in our family. From backyard games and BBQ on Saturday, to Church, brunch, and a day filled with golf today. It was a great weekend.

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Sar today for "Thursday Thoughts". I love this girl, and her blog, and I'm really thinking we need to plan a blate soon since she's in Waco and I'm in Houston. Not too far apart!

Let's talk about Pinterest.
I love it, I really do, but sometimes it creates a false impression of what the real world looks like. NO ONE can be that fashionable and look that put-together all the time.
My case in point...check out my nails.
or my fashion/beauty sense going on in this pic...
and really?!? What family picture EVER turns out looking that perfect...
Just a thought.

This Texas heat MIGHT kill me. I swear. I can't even drive in the car, with the AC on as high as it will go, without sweating to death.

I got to meet Kevin Sumlin yesterday, the new Texas Aggie football coach, and I CANNOT wait for football season. 
Yes, I know we're going to the SEC, yes I realize we'll probably get demolished, but  I'm a Texas girl, and I LOVE me some college football.
He said that people ask him all the time how the team is doing and he replies "You're a fan, you went to the games last year, how are you feeling?" OUCH, but so true. 
Anyway, I'm excited for my Aggies to bounce back.

This weekend is fathers day and I can't wait to celebrate the best dad in the world!

What are your thoughts this Thursday? Guess what?!? Tomorrow is Friday! HALLELUJAH!

That Awkward Moment When...

You tweet this...
and later you get this text from your mom...
Yup, she totally called me out. Even though it wasn't only directed to her. Love ya mama!

Who watched The Bachelorette last night? I don't know about y'all but I am loving this season!  My favorite quote of the night was when Emily said she was going to get "straight up backwoods West Virginia on his a**" in reference to this loser...
It's about time she kicked him out. He makes Houston look bad!
I'm hoping that these three boys make it to the end...
Sean is the whole package, Jef with one F is nice, but I'm secretly wanting Arie to take the final rose. Must be my love for athletes, who knows. 
What do y'all think? Loving this season as much as I am?

Why Do You Blog?

One of the things I've learned since I started blogging is that people begin blogs for all different reasons. When I first started blogging I wanted to reach out to this awesome community. I wanted to find other girls who were going through some of the same things I was.

There is such a powerful community behind blogs. I've made some incredible online friendships, but the thing I like best is that I'm finally getting to meet some of these girls IRL (in real life).

Last night I went to my first blogger meetup. It was part of the H-Town Blogger Hotties group, and I had SO. MUCH. FUN.

I'm not going to lie, I was so nervous. I even told Tyler at one point that I didn't know if I was going to go, but I'm so glad that I did. I was instantly welcomed by the girls, who immediately said hi and asked where I blogged at. I love it. I love that they understand the power behind the community, and love blogging just as much as I do.

We spent the evening at Pinot's Palette, eating, drinking, and expressing ourselves through painting rather than writing for once. I am no artist, but my canvas didn't turn out that bad!
As we painted, new friendships were formed. And no one questioned you when you stopped to take five pictures of your canvas, they knew, it was for the blog.
My favorite part of the night was finally getting to meet Meg O. She was my partner in the very first blog swap I participated in, and I've been following her ever since. It's such a small world because now we both live in Houston!
Group shot of all the girls with our paintings. It was such a fun night and I can't wait to hang out with these girls again!
So, that's why I blog. I love the friends I've made (online and in real life), and the incredible community in this blogging world. Why do you blog?


NASCAR Trucks in Texas

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series came to Texas Motor Speedway this weekend, and it was my first time back at the track since I left NASCAR.

I miss it.
I miss the sound of the engines, and the smell of the rubber. I miss the friends I made throughout the years, who now feel like family. It was good to be back.
Even if it was for just a day.

It was also my first time watching one of Tyler's races, as a fan, and not as a fellow employee. It was fun. I've watched him chase his dreams, and I'm so proud of how far he's come.
Everyday I realize more and more just how much I love that boy. He makes my heart smile, and he makes me the kind of happy that makes you giggle for no reason. I feel so lucky to be dating my best friend.

I went to an H-Town Blogger Hotties meetup tonight, can't wait to share more about it tomorrow!

Attitude of Gratitude

I woke up this morning in a really good mood. Nothing has changed since yesterday, except the way in which I'm choosing to see things, and it has made all the difference.

I've always been extremely grateful, and mindful of the many blessings in my life. But I tend to focus on the "what's next", which sometimes causes me to miss the great things happening right now.

Yesterday I decided that there are some things I can't control, and despite my best efforts to move on to what's next, everything will happen at the right time (see mom, I'm learning).
I'm changing my attitude to one of gratitude. Remembering to be grateful for the things happening right now, and not focusing so much on the things I can't control. Some of the things I'm grateful for today...
 That I'm living close to my family. Making it easy to enjoy dinners and late nights sitting around the table talking.
For a boyfriend who's willing to travel hundreds of miles to see me. Who despite the distance, is committed to making the relationship work.
For the two most supportive parents in the world. Always pushing me to never give up on my dreams, and encouraging me to make decisions that make me the happiest.
What are you thankful for today?
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