Where's Your Happy Place?

Mine is Charlotte, NC and I'm thrilled because tomorrow morning I'll be on a plane headed there!
I don't know how to describe why, but just being there makes my heart happy.

My first time in Charlotte was during my Junior year of high school. My dad took me to visit colleges in the Carolinas, and we stopped in Charlotte for a few days. Just like a cheesy love story, I knew instantly that I was right where I was supposed to be.
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I love the beauty of the area. The trees that change colors with the seasons. The "mountains" or hills (to a Texas girl they look like mountains). The genuine kindness and southern drawl that the local people carry.

I love that it has big city amenities, like wonderful restaurants and great nightlife, and at the same time still boasts that small town charm. You can be in downtown surrounded by people, and within minutes be driving off the beaten path down a two lane dirt road.

As a Texan, it's almost blasphemy to admit that I consider myself a Charlottean just as much as I consider myself a Houstonian. My roots and family are in Houston, but my heart is in the Carolinas.

I'm lucky, because for now I get to soak up the best of both worlds. I can live in Houston, enjoy my family, and visit with my friends in the city that I love, and that's exactly what I'm going to do this weekend.

P.S. earlier today I received this text from my sorority big sister...
I'm soooo excited for her, but my heart aches just a little because I wish I was moving with her too! It seems that neither of us can get enough of our favorite city!

Where is your happy place? and what makes it so special?


Holly said...

Charlotte looks sooo beautiful!
My happy place would probably be in Texas where my family lives, or relaxing on the beach where I live :)

♥ Ka`ili said...

Charlotte NC sounds lovely! My favorite place would be O'ahu Hawai'i. It's where I grew up and I feel so at home when I go back to visit. Great post! I'd love to visit Charlotte one day!

Meg O. said...

I always thought the Carolinas were so pretty. I've only been to Charlotte a long time ago for a short time but thought it was so nice!

Empirically Erin said...

I know exactly what you mean! I grew up in Maine so that will always be home, but I feel like I really "GREW UP" in New York City. NYC will always have my heart! Isn't it funny how you just wrote a post about being so happy to be home for important events and then today you wrote about Charlotte? That's exactly how I feel about NYC!!

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