What Does A "Typical" Family Look Like?

I spend so much time on this blog talking about my family. Mainly because they are such an important part of my life.

I grew up with anything BUT a typical family. Really though, what does "normal" look like?

The truth is, there's no such thing as a "typical" family, and as I've gotten older, I've learned to embrace the uniqueness.

I want to introduce you to my NOT. SO. NORMAL. but OH. SO. INCREDIBLE. family. They each contribute something wonderful to my life, and I'm so thankful for them...

The Parents:

PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS OFFENSIVELY, I sometimes refer to my step-dad and my biological dad as my American dad and my Mexican dad. I hate the word "step-dad" because I consider them both "dads" so sometimes it's easier to refer to them as the one that lives here, and the one that lives in Mexico.

The Siblings:

 The Grandparents:

Carolyn is my granddads wife. I just call her Carolyn because I don't think I could ever call her "grandma", she's really fun (not that grandma's aren't). 

Erica and Anthony are her two kids. Technically, they're my step aunt and uncle but growing up it was easier to tell people that we were all cousins.

We tend to give family "titles" but I think regardless of these names such a "step", "biological", "half", "real", they are family, no matter what. So I take them lightly, hence the "" before the name.

So there y'all have it, my NOT. SO. NORMAL. but OH. SO. INCREDIBLE. family. I look forward to sharing more stories about them on my blog.

What makes your family "not so normal"? What do you love most about them?


Courtney B said...

You have a beautiful family! I can tell how much you love them from these pictures... lucky girl :)
Which part of Mexico does your dad live in? My hubs lived there for 2 years and he really loved it. He wouldn't want to live there permanently, but he does miss it!

p.s. You're gorgeous, Bri!

Alyx said...

I love it. I think that there's no such thing as a "normal" family now because there are so many different family situations! I think it's just important that you have a "family" of some kind to love and support you!

bailey j said...

you have a very beautiful family. but what is more beautiful than a family, no matter how mixed up, that loves and genuinely likes, each other? not much. family is quite amazing!

Laura said...

What a great post, and I love the inside look into your family. I look forward to reading more about them. Of note - in my family one side was very official, I always knew/know exactly who fits in where and we called them our Aunt first name or Uncle first name. My cousins and I are very specific that we are cousins. My other side of the family? Not nearly as specific. We just used first names for everyone and went with that, regardless of whether or not they are a great uncle or a cousin removed or whatever.

Miranda said...

I agree...no such thing as normal. i grew up with 3 half sisters (1 I unfortunately do not talk to - from my dad's previous marriage) but the other 2 have been there since i was born. I never call them half-sisters and if i did my parents would yell at me. they are my real sisters through and through. what a great family you have!

Dree said...

I loved taking this peek inside your family! I think it's a wonderful thing that you have two dads that love you. Girl, you and your family are gorgeous!

AaReAn said...

what a fun post...and loved getting to know your background a bit better! :-) It seems you have such a great family...lots of love. I think that is the MOST important thing! I come from a family with five sisters...that is nothing normal but it makes my family MY family and I loved growing up with all of them...and now they really are my very best friends!

Holly said...

You have a great family!
I have a whole mix of family and totally agree with you on the "step" thing. I love and adore my family know matter what society "calls" them :)
New reader/follower!

Raquel said...

What a beautiful family!!

I love your blog btw! New follower from Hollie's follow friday link up party :)

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