The 2012 Drive for Diversity Drivers

I was in Charlotte this week for the annual NASCAR Media Tour. The last stop on the tour was at the NASCAR Hall of Fame where we presented the 2012 NASCAR Diversity Drivers.

This group of drivers was selected from the combine earlier this year, which I wrote about earlier here.

I'm so excited because they are a great group of kids and I am excited to see what they accomplish this season.

The drivers for 2012 are Jorge Arteaga, Bryan Ortiz, Ryan Gifford, Kyle Larson, Mackena Bell, and Trey Gibson

It was a quick trip and I'm excited to hang out and relax in Daytona this weekend!

What are y'alls weekend plans?

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Miss Amy said...

Enjoy Daytona! What a fun event - love the Diversity Drivers. Never heard of it before. :)

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