Holiday Nails and a Hot Date

My mom and I went to get holiday mani's and pedi's today, it was so much fun to just spend a girls day hanging with her!

For our toes we chose OPI "Chick Flick Cherry" with Essie "Set in Stones" on top...
I love how they turned out, so bright and festive!

For my nails I went with OPI "Glitzerland" and I. AM. LOVING. IT. It turned out so nice with just enough sparkle. I love it so much that I think I'm going to leave it like this until New Years!
It looks a lot better in person, but I highly recommend this color for the holidays!
When I was in high school my granddad and I started a tradition of going out for dinner dates once a month. I loved this time with him because it allowed us to have some really meaningful conversations with no distractions.
Tonight we decided to have another one of our dinner dates. We spent well over two hours catching up over good food, good wine, and great conversation. It was much needed granddad/Bri time but it made me a little sad to think of all the time I've been away from Houston.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I cannot believe it! I wish you all love, joy, and laughter, with the ones that you love most these next two days!


Miranda said...

I love the toe nail polish but really love the gold polish!!! So festive :)

Laura said...

I love that you have such a special tradition with your grandpa! I love granddaughter/grandfather relationships. I also adore your nails - so much that I showed my sister and told her she should consider that nail polish :).

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