A Texas Thanksgiving

In Texas we're all about our football, so it only seems fitting that we spent our Thanksgiving in College Station for the Texas A&M/UT game.
 This is my little brother and I headed to the game, isn't he handsome? Meg O, do you like my scarf??
 It was a great night for football, and I'm so glad I was able to be at the game! A&M is headed to the SEC so it's the last time these two will play for a long time.
My poor Aggies lost but it was a fun Thanksgiving none the less. 
 We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday instead of Thursday and the whole family came to our house. My dad was put to work making a pinneapple turkey (my grandmas orders!) and this is the face he says I always make, the O.M.G. face. hahah
my awesome mama and I...
 She made sure the house was decorated and the tree was up so I could enjoy it all before heading back to Florida. 
 We had DELICIOUS food and great conversation, discussing what each one of us was thankful for. My brother and sister-in-law brought over a game called QUELF that we all played after dinner. If you've never played I encourage y'all to buy it, it's awesomely awkward and really fun for family events.
At the end of the night I was exhausted like Maddie!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! What exciting things did you do?


Meg O. said...

Looks like an amazing Thanksgiving! One of these days when you come to H-town, we should meet for lunch/coffee or something! And omg the scarf looks awesome on you! What a fun time. And man, that Christmas tree is so pretty.

Healthy Branscoms said...

I am a new follower of your blog! :) Erin

Laura said...

That was so sweet of your mom to decorate the house so you could enjoy it! I was visiting a friend in NYC for Thanksgiving, so I went to the parade :).

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