NASCAR visits Texas

I've missed blogging these past fews days! I was in Fort Worth, TX for the NASCAR race and am finally back home in Daytona.

I had a great group of students as part of the Diversity Mentorship Program this weekend, here they are below...
They were super funny, smart, and incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

I was also able to have my dad, sister-in-laws brother Wes, and uncle Steve join me at the track today. It was really cool to have them there...
I did get a little overwhelmed today though. I was managing the students, trying to show my family a great time, and Telemundo came to the track. Since there wasn't anyone else there from NASCAR that spoke Spanish, I had to play the role of PR as well.
Here's one of my friends, Pedro, being interviewed for the Telemundo program. It's so exciting to finally see Hispanic media at the track!

I decided on the flight home that I was going to spend this entire week on ME. I need some time to recharge my batteries and do some things to get my life back on track like go grocery shopping, do laundry, catch up on homework, and maybe even go get a mani/pedi :)

Also, I came home to PILES of mail. How does someone even get this much mail?!?
Two more weekends until the 2011 season is over, I can't wait!

How was all of y'alls weekend? What are your plans for the week?

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Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I hear you with the piles and piles of mail! How is it even possible? and then when I recycle the junk, I'm left with very little. Out of control crazy.

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