Latino Influence in NASCAR is Growing

...and I'm so glad that I'm getting to be an integral part in this growth.
This weekend was the 2011 NASCAR season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway, and I was able to truly see the scope of the Latin influence in NASCAR.

Above is a picture of Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet Jr., Mexican driver German Quiroga, and Puerto Rican driver Bryan Ortiz. The car is the "Bienvenidos a NASCAR" car and it's the slogan we've been using to welcome latin americans into our sport.
We attended an event on Thursday night called "BeLive" which raised money for four different charities in Colombia. That's Ale and I with Colombian driver Juan Pablo Montoya. The event was attended by other influential Colombians such as Sofia Vergara and Fonseca, as well as other non-Colombian NASCAR industry folks.
This is a Colombian journalist, Diego Mejia, and he's done such an amazing job at increasing awareness of the sport to other latin americans. He's such a great guy!
I think what I'm most proud of however, it this ^

We pulled off something that's never been done before in the sport. We held a concert, completely in spanish, before the season finale race, SO COOL! This is Chino y Nacho (who by the way have 3 times more twitter followers than @NASCAR does) they watched the race from Juan Pablo Montoya's pit box.

There were struggles along the way, and numerous people tried to stop our Hispanic Marketing efforts, but in spite of them we pulled it off, and I couldn't be more proud!

On a side note...

Ale and I were headed back from Miami after our long weekend and she got a flat tire. Instead of completely breaking down, we decided to make the best of it.
While we waited for the new tire, we stumbled across this town called "Hollywood, FL" and found a park filled with food trucks! IT. WAS. AWESOME. 
 We had dinner from the greek food truck...
and of course, churros filled with dulce de leche for dessert!


Anonymous said...

I love that I'm not the only one that loves NASCAR!

Alyx said...

That looks like such a fun experience!! And I find it hilarious that the Mexican guy's name is German! That's awesome.

I ended up here because of a Fulbright scholarship. I'll get to be here until July of next year as an English teaching assistant!

Ugly Duckling said...

Just came across your blog. I like the design, it's so bright and colorful.

The flat tire sounds like it turned out really good. Ive never been that lucky! haha!

following you now, hope you'll visit my blog sometime and follow me back if you like it :)


Nina said...

congrats!!! that is so inspiring, that although your faced some hurdles, you achieved the ultimate goal!! sue orgullo LATINO!!!te encontré x blogs by latinas! espero te puedas dar una vuelta x mi blog, puras buenas vibras y inspiracion! besos

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