My twitter feed was filled today with tweets about the date, 11.11.11. and I saw comment after comment about people making wishes, especially at 11:11 

In honor of this "lucky" day I wanted dedicate this post to wishes.

I imagine people were wishing for health, love, joy, prosperity. Maybe a new job, new house, new opportunities? Underneath it all though, I believe that people were wishing for happiness.

Below, in pictures, you'll find what my wishes looks like. The things that bring me bliss; perfect happiness.

Did you make a wish on this "lucky" day? And if so, what did your wish look like?


Miranda said...

i did make a wish on 11/11/11 at 11:11pm but at first didn't know what to wish for! i didn't want to be superficial! and then of course i can't say out lout what it is or it won't come true :)

Laura said...

I love the pictures of your wishes. That house on the water? amazing.

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