Thankful for Friends

I hope you all have had a great weekend. Mine was extra special, a cutie friend of mine came to visit me from Charlotte. I felt so bad because we've had three days of non-stop rain in Daytona but we made the best of it. Friday night a co-worker had some people over so we made an appearance, but yesterday we spent most of the day hanging on the couch and watching college football. It was a good day for football because both of our teams won, my Aggies and Tony's Mounties from WVU!
This is Tony. Cute right?

Last night we went to Ocean Deck for dinner, drinks, and live music. I don't know how to describe Ocean Deck, other than to say it's exactly what I think of when I think of Daytona. It's kind of divey, with a mix of locals and tourists from bikers to beach goers. I wanted to take Tony there since he'd never been because I feel like it's a bar you have to visit at least once while you're in Daytona.
They serve their "specialty" drinks in mini sand buckets.
My friend Claire came with us to Ocean Deck, she's always so much fun.

I love when people come visit, but it always leaves me feeling bummed as soon as they're gone. I know I need to appreciate the time I get to spend with them, but it still makes it a little hard. We went to church and lunch this morning and then Tony headed back to Charlotte. 

Please say a prayer for me. I feel like I'm about to get overwhelmed here soon. I have to get caught up on schoolwork, and I have a paper due tomorrow and my first test on Tuesday. Not to mention, my co-worker is leaving for Mexico on Tuesday so I'll have to take over some of that load while she's gone. I'm praying I can handle it all.

What did you all do this weekend? Any exciting plans this week? 

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