My Summer Roomie

This past summer I met one of my best friends. I have a spare bedroom and offered to let Liz, one of the NASCAR interns live with me. I thought that I was just helping a college student gain experience, "paying it foward" so to say, because so many people have helped me out throughout my career. Little did I know that this unknown person, would turn out to be one of the best friends I will ever have.
Liz is one of the most fun girls I have ever met. We instantly made a connection and I think it's because we're so much alike. She's a spunky, or in her words "saucy" latina from Miami, with a huge heart and a very driven personality. I am so glad that Liz was my roomie for the summer because she helped me explore Daytona and establish some roots here. 
Daytona has been a little sad since she left, and our office has definitely been a whole lot quieter. It's so crazy how you can meet someone and know that they will be your friend for a long time. We have weekly conversations to catch up on each others lives and she has been such a great person to talk to about everything going on lately. 

Today I got such a cute surprise in the mail from Liz. She sent me a "thank you" note, just because, and some "dulce de leche", a yummy candy from Mexico. Everyone needs at least one friend like Liz in their lives.


Fash Boulevard said...

i love finding good friends like this. she'll love this write up. super sweet. so glad i stumbled upon your blog. adore it. i'm totally following. If you get sec I'd love if you'd check out of my fashion and style blog and see if you'd be interested in following as well. Thanks love. xoxo
LA adventures from a southern girl.

Courtney B said...

Oh this is SO sweet!! You both are SO lucky to have each other as friends :) And I have no doubt that you will meet more girls that you'll grow close to! So Daytona will be lots of fun for you again ;)

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