mid-week blahs...

I can't believe it's already October 4th and I haven't posted one single thing. It's not that there hasn't been things going on, I just sometimes feel like what's "going on" might not be that exciting. Anyway, I'm writing about it.

Last week was my co-worker Alejandra's birthday. We decorated her cube and took her out to lunch, thai food, yumm! She looks like she had a good birthday right?
She actually has a lot going on this month! She's getting married next weekend and I'll be flying down to Guadalajara, Mexico for the wedding. I'll be sure to post pictures because I know that it's going to be SPECTACULAR!

My Aggies lost against Arkansas this weekend, big disappointment, and Saturday night we went to watch Bama and Florida play. I was surrounded by a crowd of Gator fans but I was happy to see Alabama win.
Tonight we went to see "What's Your Number?" the new Anna Faris movie. It was pretty funny, but of course, I always love chick flicks! So, lot's of stuff going on, pretty "blah" mid-week post.

I am excited though because my friend Tony is coming to visit this weekend from Charlotte. I love when people come see me in Daytona, and I'm excited to have a weekend to just hang with him!

How is your week going? Any mid-week "blahs" to share?

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Anonymous said...

what a fun bday for her!!!

i havent heard of that movie yet! my goodness it is becoming really evident that i live in a different country now :(

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