Make Up For Ever Review

So, ever since I moved to Florida I have had the WORST luck with my makeup. I was using Bare Minerals and didn't feel like I was getting enough coverage, then I tried some cheapo brand and by noon it had all rubbed off. My most recent trial and error was the Smashbox makeup which I've used before but this time it left my face extra oily and broken out. 

In serious desperation, I reached out to my Twitter friend Samantha for a recommendation. She suggested the Make Up For Ever brand and I have to say that after a week of using it, I'm hooked! My face started to clear up right away and it’s no longer as oily as the Smashbox makeup was leaving it.
I went to Sephora and they had a starter kit for $79 that included the primer, foundation, HD powder, and a Kabuki brush, the only thing I bought separate was the concealer. I'm usually not a huge fan of "kits" because a lot of times you open the box and it's a bunch of miniature sized products, but this kit included full sized products that will last me for a while.
I bought the Full Cover Concealer seperate

If you're in search of a great product, I highly recommend this brand. The primer and foundation leave my skin looking smooth and the concealer works great without looking like you're trying too hard to hide something. I'm using the HD Microfinish Powder which is a translucent powder; I think the foundation is so great that you don't need any other type of powder to finish the look.

What products do you like to use that you would recommend?


Meg O. said...

Hi Bri! I'm your swap partner! Whee!!! Great to meet your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you so we can swap! My email is if you wanna start chatting.

I love MUFE products. I own the HD foundation and the Mat Velvet+ (I own 6-7 foundations because I'm just a little crazy like that). I really enjoy the flawless-ness of the HD foundation, but the Mat Velvet+ to me is best for coverage keeping your skin matte. I love the HD setting powder too. I think that's a great deal for $79! That's a kit I would definitely recommend. Great review!

Miranda said...

sorry i don't know very much about makeup but hope to learn someday soon! new follower...your blog is adorable!!!!

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