Combine Pics and Big/Lil Reveal

Despite a long day of rain at the Drive for Diversity Combine on Wednesday, we had a beautiful day in Hampton, VA on Thursday and were able to get all the drivers on the track.

It was a busy three days in Virgina but I had a good time, and was amazed with the talented group of drivers who came to the combine this year. Here are some pics from the rest of the week.
Picture of Norfolk, VA as we landed. The fall weather was BEAUTIFUL (despite the rain) the whole time we were there.
Group shot of the 2011 combine participants
My buddy Bryan...
hanging with @TheSSPena
Sergio and Ryan about to participate in a mock press conference, Ryan looks thrilled!

I was also so fortunate to be able to spend two nights in Charlotte before heading back to Daytona. It was exactly what I needed. I got to clear my mind, spend some time with my best friends, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

The timing was also perfect because last night was big/lil revelation for my sorority, and I got to go back as an alumn. 
With my best friend and little sister, Margaret before big/lil revelation
with my other little sister Kendall
and three of my beautiful grand-littles and best friends!
As you can tell, I had a lot of "family" in my sorority, and they all became my best friends during my college years. Last night we added three new members and I was glad to be there to meet them, even though I did feel a little old.
Spending a few days with these girls was just what I needed, and I miss them already!

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