Make Up For Ever Review

So, ever since I moved to Florida I have had the WORST luck with my makeup. I was using Bare Minerals and didn't feel like I was getting enough coverage, then I tried some cheapo brand and by noon it had all rubbed off. My most recent trial and error was the Smashbox makeup which I've used before but this time it left my face extra oily and broken out. 

In serious desperation, I reached out to my Twitter friend Samantha for a recommendation. She suggested the Make Up For Ever brand and I have to say that after a week of using it, I'm hooked! My face started to clear up right away and it’s no longer as oily as the Smashbox makeup was leaving it.
I went to Sephora and they had a starter kit for $79 that included the primer, foundation, HD powder, and a Kabuki brush, the only thing I bought separate was the concealer. I'm usually not a huge fan of "kits" because a lot of times you open the box and it's a bunch of miniature sized products, but this kit included full sized products that will last me for a while.
I bought the Full Cover Concealer seperate

If you're in search of a great product, I highly recommend this brand. The primer and foundation leave my skin looking smooth and the concealer works great without looking like you're trying too hard to hide something. I'm using the HD Microfinish Powder which is a translucent powder; I think the foundation is so great that you don't need any other type of powder to finish the look.

What products do you like to use that you would recommend?

Speaking On My First Panel

I've been in Houston this week for the Sports Marketing Association Conference. I'm here with another co-worker of mine from NASCAR, she and I jointly run the NASCAR college programs. The most exciting thing about this conference is that this year it was hosted by Texas A&M so I've been able to hang out with some of my fellow classmates and spend some time with my teachers.
NASCAR sponsored a social last night at Minute Maid Park and it was really neat because it overlooked the baseball field.

I was also asked to speak on the Super Panel about diversity in sports marketing. The panel included myeslf, the director of The Gay Games, and the director of ticket sales for the Houston Dyamo. I felt honored to have been asked to speak on this panel and it was an awesome experience to share what NASCAR is doing in regards to diversity.
This is the only picture I have of the panel...wish I had a better one!
The conference was held by minute maid park and I was able to get some cool shots. I'm glad I've been able to be "home" for a few days.

Granddads Speech at The AAO Meeting

I drove up to Orlando for the day to watch my granddad give a talk at the annual AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) Meeting

He was staying at the Peabody Hotel so I got to see the really cute ducks roaming around in the fountain...
and the weather outside was absolutely beautiful so I enjoyed walking around with my granddad for a bit...the trees even made me forget that I was in Orlando (for like 2 seconds)...
It was the first time I had been to one of my granddads talks, and it was really cool to watch. 
I was so proud of him!

I won't tell you how old he is BUT he flew from Orlando to Houston to play in a golf tournament, and returned late last night to give his talk today and flew back to Houston this evening. He is my hero and I hope I have that energy at his age!

Combine Pics and Big/Lil Reveal

Despite a long day of rain at the Drive for Diversity Combine on Wednesday, we had a beautiful day in Hampton, VA on Thursday and were able to get all the drivers on the track.

It was a busy three days in Virgina but I had a good time, and was amazed with the talented group of drivers who came to the combine this year. Here are some pics from the rest of the week.
Picture of Norfolk, VA as we landed. The fall weather was BEAUTIFUL (despite the rain) the whole time we were there.
Group shot of the 2011 combine participants
My buddy Bryan...
hanging with @TheSSPena
Sergio and Ryan about to participate in a mock press conference, Ryan looks thrilled!

I was also so fortunate to be able to spend two nights in Charlotte before heading back to Daytona. It was exactly what I needed. I got to clear my mind, spend some time with my best friends, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

The timing was also perfect because last night was big/lil revelation for my sorority, and I got to go back as an alumn. 
With my best friend and little sister, Margaret before big/lil revelation
with my other little sister Kendall
and three of my beautiful grand-littles and best friends!
As you can tell, I had a lot of "family" in my sorority, and they all became my best friends during my college years. Last night we added three new members and I was glad to be there to meet them, even though I did feel a little old.
Spending a few days with these girls was just what I needed, and I miss them already!

What I'm Loving Wednesday: A Really Good Book

Today, I'm linking up with Jamie for "What I'm Loving Wednesday", you all should go over and check out her blog, it's really cute.

Although there are many things I'm loving this wednesday, I have something in particular that has brought a smile to my face this week. I just finished reading the book "Two Kisses for Maddy" by Matt Logelin and if you've never read it, I'm telling you, It's a MUST READ. 
buy the book here.

It's a true story about a man who learns to find love, and the strength to move forward, after experiencing the greatest loss of his life. I don't want to give away too much because you really need to read it for yourself to capture the true beauty of the book and of Matt's story.

The best part? The story doesn't end when you finish the book. You can catch up with Matt and his life over at his blog Matt, Liz and Madeline. His story is eye-opening and it makes you realize once again what is truly important in this life.

So, that's what I'm loving this wednesday. What are y'all loving today?

Drive for Diversity Combine

Today I'm in Hamptoin, VA for the 2011 Drive for Diversity (D4D) combine. For those of you who aren't familiar, there is a NASCAR team called Revolution Racing where ethnic minority and female drivers race as part of a driver development program. At the combine this week, young drivers will be competing for a spot to race for Revolution Racing in 2012.

I've been so fortunate to be able to work with this amazing program this year. It's one of the important initiatives for NASCAR and for NASCAR Diversity. I've had some great experiences working with these amazing and talented kids this past season. Below are some pictures of events that we've been a part of this year...
We took a trip to Indy for a charity bowling tournament for the Jeff Gordon Foundation earlier this year. I had to drive the D4D boys around and they spent the entire weekend yelling "clear, clear" and "high, go high", they also taught me to parallel park and for that I'll be forever grateful!
 This is with Bryan Ortiz from Puerto Rico and Jorge Arteaga from Mexico. We promoted the D4D program at the Mexico soccer game in Charlotte earlier this year.
This is Ale and I with Sergio Pena. We filmed a commercial in Daytona as part of the Hispanic Market Test program. I was so proud of him because he's not a native spanish speaker but he spoke it perfectly for the commercial!
This was at my frist event with the D4D program. We attended Calle Ocho in Miami and helped spread NASCAR to the Hispanic community down there.

I love this initative, and I know that these young drivers will do great things in NASCAR. I feel very fortunate to be working with the future of the sport.

A Cinderella Wedding

I got back late last night from Ale's wedding, and I was so excited to put pictures up from the weekend. It was by far the most incredible wedding I've ever been too. The bride and groom looked so happy and in love, and I'm so glad I was able to be there for their special day.
This is Ale's friend Laura. She's so fun and has a "carefree" attitude that I could learn from. She and her boyfriend picked me up from the airport and she let me crash at her house Friday night. I also spent most of the weekend as their third wheel!
This is the only picture I got with the bride, but I like to think it's because we spent most of the night dancing and having a good time! She looked STUNNING, her dress was amazing and she had the most beautiful hand-stiched veil. Here are some more pictures from the reception.
Some highlights from the wedding include marciachi's, fireworks, tamarindo dairuiri's, chilaquiles at 4:00am, fun party hats, and lots of tequilla and laughter. The night went by so quickly but we didn't end up back at the hotel until 5:00am, needless to say, I was exhausted when I got back last night!

I wish Zach and Ale the best future together!

Me Voy A Mexico!

Hey bloggie friends! Guess what? I'm headed to Guadalajara, Mexico tomorrow for my friend/co-worker Alejandra's wedding!
As I sit here and type this post, I still haven't packed, and have no idea where my passport is. Oh, and as of two hours ago I still didn't have a dress.

I think that traveling so often for my job makes me a little immune to what a big deal trips are. I mean, I'm going to Mexico tomorrow, for three days, for a friends wedding. Bizzare, but very cool.

This is Ale...
She is so much fun, and we've spent A LOT of time together since I started working at NASCAR. Just this year we've traveled to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami, Charlotte, Chicago and Atlanta together. That's a lot of miles to spend on the road with someone, and we've definitely made every trip memorable.
This is us, in one of our "not so proudest" moments at work. Our cubes are right next to each other and if you walk by at any time during the day you can hear us rambling in spanish.
She reminds me of Shakira and she's awesome. I'm excited about her wedding because I've been listening to her plan it for the past 9 months. I'll be sure to post lots of pics when I get back from Mexico!

I hope that y'all have a great weekend! Hasta luego!

My Summer Roomie

This past summer I met one of my best friends. I have a spare bedroom and offered to let Liz, one of the NASCAR interns live with me. I thought that I was just helping a college student gain experience, "paying it foward" so to say, because so many people have helped me out throughout my career. Little did I know that this unknown person, would turn out to be one of the best friends I will ever have.
Liz is one of the most fun girls I have ever met. We instantly made a connection and I think it's because we're so much alike. She's a spunky, or in her words "saucy" latina from Miami, with a huge heart and a very driven personality. I am so glad that Liz was my roomie for the summer because she helped me explore Daytona and establish some roots here. 
Daytona has been a little sad since she left, and our office has definitely been a whole lot quieter. It's so crazy how you can meet someone and know that they will be your friend for a long time. We have weekly conversations to catch up on each others lives and she has been such a great person to talk to about everything going on lately. 

Today I got such a cute surprise in the mail from Liz. She sent me a "thank you" note, just because, and some "dulce de leche", a yummy candy from Mexico. Everyone needs at least one friend like Liz in their lives.


My pastor spoke today about being an "infectious" Christian and about sharing our faith. Hebrews 11:1 really stood out from the message and it's a passage I've been reflecting on all day.

So many times I have to remind myself to have faith in God's plan for my life. Those moments when I feel absolutely lost (and there have been many since I graduated school) I need to simply quit worrying about the things I cannot control, and have a little more faith in his perfect plan.

If you want to listen to the whole thing click here 
In other news, it's been storming like crazy for the past three days in Florida. I had to take a quiz tonight by midnight and I had A LOT of reading to finish. The power went out and all I had were those tiny candles to finish my reading! My dad has been telling me forever that I need to always keep a flashlight handy, and of course I've been too stubborn to listen. 

Good news is, the power came on 30 min before my quiz was due, so I was able to take it. Looks like I'll be listening to my dad and getting a few flashlights for the house!
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