Texas A&M vs OSU

We drove to College Station today, to watch the Aggies play against OSU. In order to fully capture the spirit of Texas A&M, you need to watch a game from Kyle Field because it's something that can never be described with pictures or words. The school is rich in history and tradition and the students and alumni are so proud to preserve them.

My granddad went to A&M and I've grown up going to games with him, so trips to College Station, in many ways, feel like going home. I love how the alumni, students, and fans are always willing to offer you a "howdy!" and a smile.

The game today set an attendance record, it was the 4th most attended game in the schools history. It was incredible to watch the sea of maroon in the stadium, and although the Aggies didn't walk away with the "W", the stands remained full until the very end. 
My cousin Anthony is in the Corps, and I was so proud to see him today.
My little bro and Anthony. I hope he makes the choice to go to Texas A&M in a few years.

Even though I've been an Aggie at heart ever since I can remember, I felt a unique sense of pride as I cheered for the boys in maroon and white today. I'm completing my masters in Sports Management through an online program at Texas A&M, and even though I'm having to take classes from Florida, it feels just like I'm a part of it all.

Sitting next to my granddad in that stadium, cheering and yelling for our Aggies, is a memory that I'll cary with me forever. It reminded me of all those games he took me to when I was growing up, and I felt so fortunate to be able to share that experience with him once again. 

Ironically, in the car ride up, my mom and granddad were talking about how it's so important to "enjoy the journey" of life. Well today, I soaked up every minute of that journey.
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Seashells and Southern Belles said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of people!! Thanks for linking up with us!! (I am one of the Belles from the Belles of Saturday!) I would love to go to a game there someday!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment! You definitely need to go to a game sometime, especially with how much y'all love football!

I love your blog and Belles of Saturday, really awesome!

meganpotts said...

I was reading your post from yesterday and this was a "you might also like" post! I love finding other Aggie bloggers!!! WHOOP to that!

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