going home is good for the soul

I took a trip to Texas this weekend for three full days of much needed rest & relaxation. All of my family lives there & I was getting a little "homesick" over here in Florida. I flew in late Thursday night & I was greeted at the airport by my little brother (who isn't so little anymore!) & our dog Maddie. It was a great surprise!
On Friday night my mom and I met my older brother and sis in law at City Centre for some Mexican food & margaritas to celebrate his birthday! They both used to live in L.A. & they moved back to Houston recently. My brother started his own company, Pop Video Houston & I'm so proud of him & love to see how successful & happy they both are. 

The rest of the weekend was filled with football, & more football. I was pretty disappointed though that both of my teams lost, the Aggies on Saturday, & the Texans on Sunday. 
My mom threw an awesome football party on Sunday filled with awesome "Texas" things like these two amazing dips, BBQ, & her famous "corn dip". I'll have to post the recipe for that later on. I'm warning you though, it's dangerously good!
(picture of the amazing corn dip)

I've moved around a lot since I graduated high school, met lots of people, & experienced some once in a lifetime things, but, it's always refreshing to go back to your roots. Houston is home, & it's always great to go back & realize that there are tons of people who love you & are "rooting" for you. 

Sometimes all a girl really needs is a hug from mom & dad, some comfort food, & her brothers to pick on, to remember what's really important in life. This past weekend left me refreshed & ready to face whatever is next. Bring it on world, I'm ready for you!

What are some of your favorite things about going home?

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