Sweet Home Carolina

I've been in Charlotte the past three days for work, and I'm a happy girl. There's nothing about Charlotte, and the Carolinas, that I don't love. The trees are beautiful, the sky is bright blue, and some of my favorite people in the world are here. The weather's even been amazing, it's starting to feel like fall!

Last night, Kendall, one of my "littles" from my sorority planned a family dinner for us. Too old for family dinners and sorority gossip? Never! It was such a great time, we talked, laughed, and caught up on each others lives. Traveling to Charlotte for work is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I'm so fortunate that I can still come "home" every so often and visit with some of my favorite people, but it always makes it that much harder when I have to leave.
What's a girl to do without her best friends?
It's funny when I talk about my sorority days with the people I work with. None of them were in a sorority, and it's hard to describe the bond that you form with these girls. Chi Omega helped me create some of the best memories, and brought me the best friends I could have ever asked for.

I'm off to Richmond this afternoon for the NASCAR Diversity Mentorship Program at the race this weekend! See ya again soon Charlotte...

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