Race Weekend in the Windy City

This weekend I got to travel to one of my favorite cities, Chicago, for work. We were there for a brand new Hispanic Market Test that launched in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month. We've created a program to welcome Hispanic fans to NASCAR, and we spent all weekend making sure it launched successfully. The program is named "Bienvenidos a NASCAR" and the track put the logo on their inside wall, below is the picture I took with my phone (excuse the poor quality)
I don't know where my head was when I was packing though, because I DID NOT pack for the weather. I swear something happens to you when you live in sunny Florida, you forget that it's actually fall in the rest of the country. I ended up having to take a quick shopping trip to buy some warm clothes for the track.

Yesterday it rained almost all day, and the race was actually postponed until today. We did see a really cool rainbow on the way to the track though, and it reminded me how sweet life is, and that there is always hope in the middle of the storm.
Since the race was rained out, we got to spend the afternoon doing typical touristy things in the city. My co-worker and I took a walk along Michigan Ave. and went to get some garrett popcorn. Wow, one of the most delicious things I've ever tried! If you go, get the "Chicago Mix" it's caramel and cheese corn combined! SOOOOO good. 
It was a fun weekend, and a great trip to the windy city, but I was so glad to be back in sunny Florida today.

I'm sure you've also noticed the new blog layout. Melissa, at The Cutest Blog on The Block, designed it for me. It was such an easy process and she did a great job at capturing my personality. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to have the cutest blog around.

I hope all of y'all had a great weekend. This week remember those rainbows amidst the storm. 

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