Road trip to Savannah

A friend of mine from college recently moved to Savannah and has been begging me to go visit. It's only a three hour drive from Daytona so I decided to take him up on his offer this weekend. I had never been to Savannah before but it's a really cute town. The downtown area still has cobblestone streets (I should not have worn heels!) and spanish moss covers the trees.

Matt, two of his buddies, and I spent the day at the pool and then headed downtown for dinner and drinks. We did a little "bar hopping" and I was very excited to learn that you can take your drink "to-go" in Savannah. We started out at a rooftop bar that overlooked the River, and ended the night at an awesome piano bar. The boys had a great time with the abundance of bachelorette parties downtown and the highlight of my night was hearing "Wagon Wheel" at the piano bar, it brought back great Carolina memories.

On my drive back today I realized that this weekend was exactly what I needed. Sometimes Daytona can get lonely, and it's nice to know that a familiar face is only 3 hours away. Sorry I have no pics to share from my weekend in Savannah, but I do have this adorable pic my mom sent me. It's my lil bro and our dog maddie! How precious are they?!

Love them...
I'm refreshed and ready for a new week, it's going to be a busy one! Tomorrow I begin my first day of grad school, studying sports management through a new online program at Texas A&M. Although I've been an Aggie at heart my whole life, my dream of graduating from A&M is finally going to happen. I feel very blessed.

Wishing you all a great week!

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